Academic Board Supports Marriage Equality

At a meeting last week, the Academic Board of the University of Melbourne passed a motion to support marriage equality. This was based on the values of the University that include upholding fundamental human rights and respecting the freedoms and rights of all members of the University community.

Melbourne Pride
Representatives of the University of Melbourne at the Midsumma Pride Festival,
Melbourne 2016. 

The University recognises that the debate on marriage equality during this period may be difficult for many members of its community. We continue to call for a respectful debate on this issue. We encourage any students who are concerned about their rights or safety, or who would like to access support and specialised services to contact the University’s Safer Community Program and Counselling and Psychological Services.

The decision of the Academic Board is as follows:

The members of Academic Board hereby reaffirm their commitment to the values espoused in the University’s Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy including:

* advancing the intellectual, cultural, economic and social welfare of communities;

* advocating and upholding fundamental human rights; and

* sustaining a diverse, inclusive and harmonious scholarly community.

Likewise, we reaffirm commitment to the values underlying the Student Conduct Policy and the Student Charter including the demonstration of respect for “the freedoms and rights of members of the University Community”.  These values are consistent with the right of all members of the University, and of the wider community, to have their relationships treated equally under the law. To that end, the Academic Board proudly supports marriage equality.