1000 Happy Birthdays

Professor Susan Walker has one of the hardest but more rewarding jobs in the world. As a maternal fetal medicine specialist, she is on the front line helping women with high-risk pregnancies carry and deliver their babies safely.

Susan Walker She is the go-to expert for complicated pregnancy and is internationally renowned as a leader in fetal growth disorders, and the prevention of pre-eclampsia and stillbirths.

I believe that clinical research and scientific discovery can collide to bring mothers and babies home safely across the world.

When people hear about her work, they want to show their support by donating to maternal fetal medicine research. Gifts of all sizes are critical to ensure research can reduce our rates of stillbirth and premature births.

Professor Walker’s research, made possible through philanthropy, will ensure vulnerable babies and their mothers have the highest possible chance of survival. With her team at the University of Melbourne and Mercy Health, she is finding ways to detect and manage the risk of stillbirths and premature birth.

Professor Susan Walker holds Australia’s first endowed Chair in Maternal Fetal Medicine. The chair was made possible by a successful collaboration between Mercy Health, the Mercy Health Foundation, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and the generosity of Mr Geoff Handbury AO.

Your gift makes a difference and will ensure there will be thousands more babies who will celebrate a birthday.


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