Written from the heart

Anders Furze (MJourn 2016) had a specific plan when he applied for the Master of Journalism degree at the University of Melbourne: to graduate as soon as he could and enter the workforce. When he was offered a place in the course along with a Future Generations Scholarship, what he discovered was a world of opportunities available for a talented young journalist.

“I had no idea how many opportunities were waiting to be seized on campus,” says Anders, “and I cannot overstate how many doors my experience at the University of Melbourne opened!

“I helped organise Australia’s premiere journalism conference New News at the Wheeler Centre. I started a film review podcast that was recently longlisted for the inaugural Walkley Media Incubator and Innovation Fund. I spoke at a postgraduate coursework student conference and I sat on the inaugural graduate student committee at International House.

Anders Furze with hands on desk
Best of all, I met and learned from internationally renowned journalists responsible for reporting on everything from the News of the World hacking scandal to the Panama Papers.

Anders’ scholarship helped him live on campus at both University College and International House and supported him while he looked for internships. An on-campus internship in digital communications, led to a job coordinating communications and events for the Centre for Advancing Journalism where he now words as a cadet journalist at 'The Citizen'.

“My editor is Walkley Award-winning journalist Jo Chandler. She’s taught me so much about not only the practice of journalism, but how to create a freelance career for yourself in what is quite a challenging time for our profession.

“My experience at the University of Melbourne has been transformative. Part of it is the course: the Master of Journalism has improved my writing exponentially, and clarified for me that writing is my one true passion. But it has also been the experience: Melbourne has provided a wonderfully tight-knit support network of friends and professional mentors. The Future Generations Scholarship was the foundation which allowed me to leap into what has turned out to be a remarkable adventure.

“Media outlets may be vanishing at an alarming rate, but I’m convinced that journalism matters now more than ever.”

The Future Generations Scholarship Fund has been supported – and continues to be supported by more than 1500 donors. Over 110 high-achieving students like Anders have benefited from the award.

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