Your philanthropy at work

Giving access to opportunity

Even during a pandemic our students have big dreams.  Your generosity is shaping their future.

Donors like you are making an incredible difference in the lives of struggling students through your gifts to the Student Support Fund.

Thank you so much for giving our students the chance to make a positive impact on our world.

Liam at the Parkville campus

"This grant will allow me to undertake my studies with less hesitation and uncertainty about my financial situation, which will free up my mind to perform better academically and enjoy life more. I cannot be more grateful for this grant and I sincerely thank the donors for their generosity."

"I'm from South Korea and have been living in Melbourne since last July. I struggled to support myself these past few months and had to move into cheaper accommodation in the city with three roommates. This grant means a great deal to me as I stress less about every expenditure, have better mental health and quality of life, and can focus more on my studies."

Increasing impact

Your support, alongside gifts from fellow donors, also unlocked a generous challenge gift of $50,000 by McCall MacBain.

This means $50,000 of the donations made during June - July have had double the impact in supporting students like Liam who are suffering due to financial hardship.

Together we're creating change

Almost 750 alumni, staff and friends came together over the last three months to support our students. Driven by your belief in them to make a  powerful contribution to society, these determined young minds are the future leaders of our world.

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