Telethon Caller: Pat

Patrick Moore

Having benefitted first hand from philanthropy, Fine Arts student Pat knew he wanted the chance to return that generosity in some way.
“I am the recipient of a very generous scholarship through the University of Melbourne. Upon receiving this, the immediate thought that came in to my head was: how can I give back?”

Pat decided to join the Telethon team as a student caller in order to do just that – give back to the institution he’s chosen to attend.

“I feel there is a nice continuity in working for the uni during my study time here in Melbourne,” says Pat. “It’s also a great opportunity to be a part of the effort to ensure that the Melbourne University community extends beyond the school environment into the workforce.”

Pat is studying jazz and improvisation performance, so hearing from alumni who have made successful careers in creative industries is music to his ears.

“Hearing Fine Arts Alumni tell me they’re still doing the thing they love really gives me a buzz. It’s a tough industry to legitimise in terms of career and life balance. There is also a very strong cohort in Fine Arts, which I strongly believe creates an environment of mutual encouragement and respect.”

Pat says the alumni he’s spoken to are pleased to support University initiatives, often commenting on their appreciation of the high-quality education that is available at Melbourne.

“That’s a big driver for alumni to give, I believe,” says Pat. “Many of us study in very competitive fields and it’s great to feel that you’re getting an edge in your education.”

In particular, giving to the Telethon in support of student scholarships is close to Pat’s heart. It’s a reminder, he says, to “give back to the next generation coming through”.

“This award instilled in me a drive to work harder so that I succeed in what I’m doing, sell some songs to Hollywood and give back 200% to help another student in the future.”

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