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Through the USA Education Fund, we can give students the opportunity to expand their learning outside the lecture theatre, to engage with their degree in new ways. We can make their Melbourne University experience a global one.

USA Education Fund: remove barriers, open possibilities

When we support promising students like Carla, amazing things happen.

Carla grew up in Melbourne and from a young age, had her eyes set on studying political science and American politics. So studying at Melbourne University was her natural choice.

This experience, coupled with her place at Ormond College, led her to meet many international students and equipped her with a ‘heightened sense of social consciousness emphasised my interest in volunteering and participating in social justice programs’.

It was through this that she realised she wanted to take her studies to a bigger stage.

The generosity of donors helped Carla turn her dream into a reality. With the support of a scholarship, Carla found herself on a journey to the University of Washington in Seattle.

During her semester abroad, she participated in many activities. She joined Amnesty International and travelled to Washington DC to participate in discussions on key issues. She volunteered at the USA Special Olympics. She became a member of the Chi Omega sorority. And just recently, Carla became a campaigns fellow with a leading grassroots advocacy organisation.

These experiences have truly been a major boost to Carla’s learning and professional development.

My understanding of international relations has been significantly enriched by my engagement discussions with peers and friends. I would never have had this experience if I didn’t study abroad.

Dushan, University of Illinois

Dushan studies a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (Economics/Finance) and a Diploma of Languages (Mandarin). While at Illinois, Dushan played for the University’s rugby team which allowed him to travel interstate. He also successfully pitched, directed and edited a film that was shown at film festivals in Chicago and greater Illinois.

I'm so grateful to the donors that made this possible. Scholarships like these say that a student’s merit should be rewarded, no matter what their background is or challenges they’ve had to face.


Sophie, University of Pennsylvania

Sophie is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Economics and Finance. During her exchange at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Sophie heard from speakers such as former Vice-President Joe Biden and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. She also enjoyed attending major political, cultural and sporting events.

I would like to thank the donors for enabling me to engage with my degree in new ways. It's been an invaluable experience.


Michael, University of Pennsylvania

Michael is studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Economics and Chinese. While on exchange at the University of Pennsylvania, he was thrilled to become a part of the local community and travel around the U.S. and beyond.

As an exchange student, you’re able to go beyond being just a tourist and instead start to become a part of a community.