Melissa Afentoulis

Melissa Afentoulis

Dr Melissa Afentoulis
Council member
BA (1977), BSW (1978), PGDipPPM (1991), MPPM(CW) (2008), PhD Arts (2019)

Melissa Afentoulis, daughter of immigrants, has completed the following qualifications at Melbourne University: BA (part Honours); BSW; Grad. Dip. in Public Policy; Master of Public Policy & Management; and successful completion of a PhD in Migration History in 2018.

Melissa has been a member of several boards during her career and brings broad governance experience, professional wisdom and an ongoing commitment to diversity and community connections.

Melissa’s wide ranging 30-year professional career in community services in Australia and overseas includes service delivery to vulnerable communities, policy advocacy and planning and service management in the public sector and non-government services. The theme of continued learning, further studies and advocacy have shaped and contributed to her roles and responsibilities.

Gender, ethnicity, and migrant status are factors that have shaped Melissa’s life and this background will positively contribute to the role of Alumni Council member at the University of Melbourne.

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