Hyder Gulam

Hyder Gulam

Squadron Leader Hyder Gulam
Council member
PGDipAdvClinNurs(Periop) (1998), GDipMiLaw (2004), LLM (2007)

Hyder was born in Singapore and educated in Melbourne. Hyder has been a registered nurse, a qualified lawyer, an accredited mediator as well as a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing in Australia. Hyder has served for close to 10 years as an officer with the Royal Australian Air Force, both in Australia and overseas. Hyder has also worked in indigenous health, paediatric nursing, aged care, as well as emergency and trauma. Formerly, Hyder practiced as a Human Rights Lawyer, working across a range of areas including discrimination and disability. Hyder was a past President of the Islamic Council of Victoria, former Vice President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Honorary Solicitor to the Australian National Imams Council, member of the Australian Red Cross (International Humanitarian Law)(Vic), member of the Royal College of Nursing Australia (Vic), as well as co-founder of the Muslim Legal Network. Hyder is a recipient of the 2010 La Trobe University Young Alumni Award, as well as the Australian Defence Force Medal, and in 2011 was nominated in the Top 100 most influential, inspirational, provocative and creative Melbournians. In 2013, Hyder was recognised as one of the Top 10 Muslims who save lives.

In 2014, Hyder travelled with the first Australian interfaith group to visit Jerusalem, led by a Rabbi, Priest and an Imam. In 2017, Hyder had a sub-school named after him (“Gulam” House) for his community contributions, at University High School, his former High School in Melbourne, next to University of Melbourne.

Hyder is ready, willing, and able to commit to the requirements of the Alumni Council and is fully informed of its role and function. Hyder was the first of his family to attend the University, and to also complete tertiary education. Hyder was born in Singapore and grew up in Australia, and has worked around Australia and the world, including Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Hyder comes from a culturally and linguistically diverse background and has experience in working in such a milieu, including volunteering with the United Hebrew Congregation in Singapore.

Hyder fully supports and advocates for a person with a disability, inclusive of mental health, having worked as a mental health nurse and disability support carer, undertaking research on disability issues at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights commission, and previously holding a board position with a leading national disability advocacy and support body.

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