Ms Margaret Quixley
MIR (2013)

I see my role as supporting University of Melbourne students and recent alumni by advising the University on the contemporary experiences of young people, and assisting them develop and implement best practice outreach services.

Margaret Quixley is a recent graduate of the University and Founding Director of Young Opportunities Australia (YOA) – a social enterprise that provides information, support and advice to students and graduates seeking purposeful career development opportunities.

Margaret is passionate about empowering young people to realise their full potential, by connecting them with the opportunities, contacts, skills and support they need to find or create productive, fulfilling and engaging employment. Margaret seeks to bridge the gap between academic study and work by working in partnership to ensure young people are leaving university employment-ready.

She represents the breadth of the contemporary University experience having interned, volunteered, studied and lived overseas. Throughout her studies, Margaret also worked in not-for-profit governance, policy, research and advocacy settings in various capacities.

In addition to her work with YOA, Margaret is currently employed as BirdLife Australia’s Campaigns Strategist, leading digital and on-ground conservation advocacy campaigns to mobilise active, informed and empowered citizenry on important environmental issues.

She supports the University Alumni Council through active involvement in both the Communications, and Careers and Mentoring Working Groups.

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