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Duncan Maskell

Message from Vice-Chancellor, Professor Duncan Maskell, University of Melbourne

Thanks to thousands of donors worldwide, the face of Melbourne has changed forever. Believe – the Campaign for the University of Melbourne is more than a philanthropic initiative – it is an extraordinary effort that is helping this institution change the lives of future generations.

Already it has succeeded in providing thousands of students with the opportunity of a Melbourne education. We have also made great strides in research, with ground-breaking work in a diverse range of areas. The impact of philanthropy has seen us become more engaged in the community, creating public value and helping advance society.

Some truly great progress has been made, but there is more to do. The 21st century is bringing with it increased burdens caused by disease, a greater need for long-term sustainability and very real questions around what is needed to solve global hunger. In this climate, academic collaboration will be critical.

We all have a stake in the future, and through supporting Melbourne, you have the power to inform debate, drive research that will answer the big questions and help produce the next generation of leaders.

By 2021, Melbourne seeks to engage 100,000 of our alumni community in the life of the University and a total philanthropic investment of $1 billion.

At Melbourne, we believe success should be measured by the lives we change. Join us as we continue the next phase of our vision.

– Vice-Chancellor, Professor Duncan Maskell

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