Bold Target

Campaign Target

We launched Believe – the Campaign for the University of Melbourne publicly in 2013 with an ambitious goal: to raise $500 million by the end of 2017. Thanks to more than 20,000 donors worldwide, the University officially passed this mark two years ahead of schedule.

The impact of this incredible generosity is already being felt across the university and beyond, and we’ve set our sights on achieving even more.

In March 2016, then-Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis AC launched a second phase of the campaign, with the aim of raising $1 billion by 2021 and engaging 100,000 alumni in the process. It will be the largest-ever fundraising commitment for an Australian public institution, and the largest public university philanthropic campaign ever conducted in the Asia-Pacific.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Duncan Maskell, says the University has been overwhelmed by the generosity of its donors.

“Our intent with the Campaign has always been to change the lives of future generations. Thanks to our incredible alumni and donors, the impact has been nothing short of transformative.”

Professor Maskell says the University’s alumni and donor community has been essential to the Campaign’s success. “This community is at the heart of the University; they are among our greatest ambassadors and have played a vital role in helping Melbourne become Australia’s leading university.

“Their support, as volunteers and ambassadors, will ensure Melbourne is a university that stands as one of the finest in the world, and an institution that will continue to have a significant impact on groundbreaking research, educational opportunity and enriching public life.

“However, our work remains unfinished. Our aspiration is to engage 100,000 of our alumni by the end of the Campaign in 2021, as active participants in the life of the University.”

Campaign Priorities

The impact of giving to Believe – the campaign for the University of Melbourne has been immense and immediate.

At Melbourne we believe success should be measured by the lives we change. We’re seeking your support to achieve a bold new target. Join us as we aspire to reach $1 billion and engage 100,000 alumni in the life of the University by 2021.

Our focus is turning to six key challenges with the potential to improve lives here in Australia and around the world. They are:

1. A healthy life for all

We are partnering with some of the world's leading health institutes to translate research into improvements in clinical care and illness prevention, including understanding how we can age well, alleviate the burden of disease and create a sustainable and effective healthcare system.

Your support is critical in helping to create a healthier world.

2. Answering the questions that matter

The University of Melbourne has a responsibility to engage society through becoming a leading hub of thinking, conversation and creativity. Your support will help to develop the collaborative relationships that will disrupt the status quo, find creative solutions to intractable challenges and enable Australia to lead with authority on issues of global significance.

You can ensure the work being done at Melbourne makes a difference, in areas as diverse as education reform, global health and legal practice.

3. Creating a more sustainable future

Cutting-edge, collaborative research is enabling real breakthroughs in sustainability. We’re exploring advanced engineering technologies, investigating solutions to protect vulnerable environments and leading the way in understanding how urban development can be sustainable.

Your support will help create the best collaborative learning environments to drive the change necessary to succeed in an economy increasingly driven by the need for sustainability.

4. Driving innovation and entrepreneurship

Our economy needs bold entrepreneurs who will help define the future of work in a just and sustainable society. Your support will help to provide the support, knowledge and resources needed to take big ideas and develop them into innovative enterprises, products and services.

5. Inspiring the next generation of leaders

Your support will nurture the best and the brightest by growing our scholarships, financial aid, mentoring and internship programs, supporting and enriching education opportunities for Indigenous students, and strengthening relationships with industry and international institutions.

Join us in developing a community of inspired, committed alumni champions, who will have a rich, rewarding relationship with the University throughout their life.

6. Making Melbourne great through culture and arts

As a leading public institution, the University is more than an educator and hub for research: our cultural capital reaches far beyond the classroom into the social, creative and sporting fabric of society.

With your support, we can develop truly world-class facilities that inspire future generations of Australia’s most talented artists, musicians and sportspeople, and create innovative, inclusive and exciting cultural opportunities for the whole community to enjoy.