Getting Accessibility Advice

The following timeline indicates phases where accessibility should be considered.

Planning Phase

Type of advice: Requirements

  • Provide accessibility requirements for Requirements Document (1 day)
  • Create/modify user stories to cater for disability (½ day)
  • Why now? Because IT developers will charge more if you introduce changes down the track.

Design Phase

Type of advice: Design review

Build Phase

Type of advice: Code review

Testing Phase

Type of advice: User testing

  • User testing - test plan (1 day)
  • User testing - recruit participants x 10 (2 days)
  • User testing - run interviews (5 days)
  • User testing - compile results (5 days)
  • Why now? Because if there are still problems, you want to hear about them before you receive a complaint
  • Sample user testing video (staff access only)


Because of the previous planning, the site should be accessible to all.