Assessing Risk

Considering accessibility during the procurement process helps manage risk.

Risk Indicators

Indicator Low Risk High Risk
Number of students who will access service None All students
Number of staff who will access service < 100 staff > 1000 staff
Project budget < $50,000 > $50,000
Frequency of access Yearly Daily
Degree of educational benefits Low High
Affects student ability to seek admission or enrol No Yes
Affects student ability to participate in courses or programs No Yes
Affects student use of facilities and services No Yes
Affects student participation in learning experiences No Yes
Affects student support services No Yes

Risk Rating Matrix

Risk is often described as a combination of the consequences of an event and the likelihood of occurrence.

Risk Exposure Rating
Likelihood Potential Consequence
Almost Certain Medium High High Very High Very High
Likely Medium Medium High High Very High
Possible Low Medium Medium High High
Unlikely Low Medium Medium Medium High
Rare Low Low Low Medium Medium


IT risk assessment tends to focus on project and service delivery, but inaccessibility of IT systems can also lead to discrimination in the delivery of core services, which results in complaints, financial loss and reputational damage.

Types of Consequences
User Experience Reduced quality of user experience Unsatisfactory user experience - readily resolvable Unsatisfactory user experience - short term effects Unsatisfactory user experience - medium term effects Unsatisfactory user experience - long term effects
Project Barely noticeable reduction in scope, quality or schedule Minor reduction in scope, quality or schedule Reduction in scope or quality of project Significant project over-run Inability to meet project objectives
Complaints Locally resolved verbal complaint Justified written complaint peripheral to core services Justified complaint involving lack of core service Multiple justified complaints Multiple claims or single major claim
Service Interruption of service that does not impact on business functions Short term disruption of service with minor impact on business functions Short term disruption of service with unacceptable impact on business functions Sustained loss of service with serious impact on business functions. Major contingency plans invoked Permanent loss of core service
Financial Negligible organisational financial loss Minor organisational financial loss Significant organisational financial loss Major organisational financial loss Severe organisational financial loss
Reputation Rumours, no media coverage Local media coverage - short term Local media - long-term adverse publicity National adverse publicity National/international adverse publicity

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