University Secretary's Department University Calendar

Former Professors 1854-


Accounting (Ernst and Young Professor)
Peter Brownell, MBA PhD Calif. BCom. Appointed January 1991. Died 1997.
Garry Marchant, BCom NSW AM Mich. PhD Mich. Appointed July 1999. Resigned September 2004.
Accounting (Fitzgerald Professor)
Frederick Kenneth Wright, BMetE DCom FASA FASSA FAIM. Appointed 1977. Retired 1989.
Accounting (G.L. Wood Professor)
Sir Alexander Fitzgerald, OBE, BCom FASA. Appointed 1955. Retired 1958. Died 1969.
Louis Goldberg, AO, BA MCom LittD FASA ACIS. Appointed 1958. Retired 1973. Died 1997.
Robert Edward George Nicol, BEc Syd. MBA PhD UCLA FCPA. Appointed 1974. Retired 1998.
Actuarial Studies
David Knox, BA PhD Macq. FIA(Actuarial). Appointed June 1992. Resigned 1999.
Agribusiness (National Australia Bank Professor)
Ellen Goddard, BSc(Ag) Guelph MSc Guelph PhD LaTrobe. Appointed October 1997. Resigned 2000.
Thomas Cherry, MD MS. Appointed 1911. Tenure expired 1916. Died 1945.
Sir Samuel MacMahon Wadham. MA Camb. & Melb. Hon.LLD AgrDip Camb. Appointed 1926. Retired 1957. Died 1972.
Howard Carlyle Forster, OBE, PhD Iowa MAgrSc FAIAS. Appointed 1957. Retired 1969. Died 1981.
Robert Edwin White, BAgrSc Qld. MA Oxf. DPhil Oxf. FNZIC. Appointed February 1995.
Agriculture (Animal Science)
Adrian Roderic Egan, MScAgr PhD W.Aust. FAIAS FTS. Appointed January 1983. Retired 2001.
Agricultural Chemistry
Geoffrey Winthrop Leeper, MSc FRACI. Appointed 1962. Retired 1969. Died 1986.
Lionel Leslie Stubbs, BAgSc Melb. MAgSc Melb. DAgSc Melb. Appointed 1969. Retired 1981. Died 2013.
Agricultural Economics
Alan Grahame Lloyd, BEc Syd. MAgrSc AIAS. Appointed 1969. Retired 1991. Died 1999.
Agricultural Engineering
Charles Glenn Eldrich Downing, BE Sask. MSc Iowa DSc McG. FEIC FASAE FCSAE FAIC MAESA FIEAust. Appointed 1977. Retired 1980.
Thomas Aquinas McMahon, BEng(Ag) Melb. DEng Melb. PhD NSW DipEd Monash. Appointed 1980. Appointed to Chair of Environmental Hydrology 1993. Retired 2004.
Agriculture and Food Systems:
David John Connor, DAgrSc PhD Melb. FAIAST. Appointed May 1983. Resigned 2002.
Agriculture and Forestry, Personal Chair
Norman McCall Tulloh, DAgrSc PhD FTS FAIAS FASAP. Appointed 1974. Retired 1987.
George Britton Halford. MD MRCS Eng, Appointed 1862 (Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology); 1882 (Physiology). Resigned 1882. Died 1910. (see Physiology and Histology)
Sir Harry Brookes Allen. MD LID Kt, Appointed 1882 (Anatomy and Pathology); 1905 (Pathology). Retired 1924. Died 1926.
Richard James Arthur Berry, MD ChM FRCS FRSE. Appointed 1905. Resigned 1929. Died 1962.
Frederick Wood Jones, MB BS DSc FRCS LRCP FZS FRS. Appointed 1930. Resigned 1937. Died 1954.
Sir Sydney Sunderland, Kt CMG, Hon. MD Tas Q'ld Hon.LLD Monash & Melb. DSc MD BS FRACP Hon. FRACS FAA. Appointed 1940 (Anatomy); appointed 1961 (Experimental Neurology). Retired 1975. Died 1993.
Keith Campbell Bradley, VRD, BCE MB BS FRACS FRACO FRACR. Appointed 1966. Retired 1976. Died 1995.
Leslie John Ray, MB BS PhD Hon. FRACS. Appointed 1961. Died 1982.
Ian Darian-Smith, MD Adel. Hon. DSc N.S.W. Appointed 1972 (Physiology). Appointed 1983 (Anatomy). Retired 1992.
Graeme Bruce Ryan, AC, MD BS PhD FRCPA FRACP. Appointed 1978. Resigned 1995.
Anatomy and Medical History, Personal Chair
Kenneth Fitzpatrick Russell, MB MS DLitt FRACS FRACP. Appointed 1969. Retired 1976. Honorary Professor 1980 to 1985. Died 1987.
Animal Nutrition
Derek Edward Tribe, OBE, BSc(Agr) R'dg. PhD Aberd. DAgrSc FTS FAIAS. Appointed 1966. Resigned 1980. Died 2003.
Anthropology (Baldwin Spencer Professor)
Klaus-Peter Koepping, DrPhil Cologne. Appointed 1986. Resigned 1991.
Anthropology, Personal Chair
Donald Finlay Fergusson Thomson, OBE, PhD Camb. DSc DipAnthrop Camb. & Syd. Appointed 1964. Retired 1968. Died 1970.
Applied Economic and Social Research (Melbourne Institute of)
Peter Bishop Dixon, BEc Monash PhD A.N.U. Appointed 1984. Resigned 1990.
Ian Ross Harper, BEc Q'ld. MEc PhD. Appointed Acting Director 1990. Resigned 1991.
Richard John Blandy, BEc Adel. MA PhD Col. Appointed Director 1992. Resigned 1994.
Peter John Lloyd, BA MA Well. PhD Duke FASSA Appointed May 1994. Previously appointed Professor of Economics September 1983. Retired December 2002.
Applied Economic Research, Personal Chair
Ronald Frank Henderson, AO CMG, MA PhD Camb. MCom. Appointed 1966. Retired 1979.
Architecture (The Age Professor)
Brian Bannatyne Lewis, MA(Arch) Liv. PhD Lond. BArch FRIBA FRAIA. Appointed 1947. Retired 1971. Died 1991.
Charles Robertson, DipArch Dundee C. of A. FRIBA FRAIA FRIAS. Appointed 1972. Resigned 1977.
Robert Peter McIntyre, AO, DipArch R.M.I.T. BArch DipTRP LFRAIA FRAPI ARIBA FAIA. Appointed 1987. Retired 1992.
Allan Rodger, BSc St. And. BArch Durh. RIBA ARIAS FRAIA. Appointed September 1974. Retired 1996.
Haig Beck, DipArch AA Lond. Appointed 1993. Retired 1997.
Miles Bannatyne Lewis, BArch Melb. BA Melb. PhD Melb. FAHA FRSA. Promoted 1 July 2001.
Asian Law
Malcolm David Hamilton Smith, LLB Melb. LLM Melb. LLM Harv. SJD Harv. Barrister and Solicitor Victoria. Appointed January 1992. Previously appointed Professor of Law, Director of Asian Law Centre April 1987. Resigned March 2004. Died 2007
Audiology and Speech Science
Barbara Katherine Cone-Wesson, MA Calif. PhD Texas MASHA. Appointed November 1995. Resigned 2000.
Harold Addison Woodruff, BSc MRCVS MRCS LRCP. Appointed 1935. Retired 1945. Died 1966. (See also Veterinary Pathology.)
William John Young, DSc. Appointed 1938. Died 1942.
Victor Martin Trikojus, CBE, DPhil Oxf. DSc Syd. MSc FRACI FAA. Appointed 1943. Retired 1968. Died 1985.
Francis John Raymond Hird, PhD Camb. MAgrSc DSc. Appointed 1964. Retired 1985.
Simon Joshua Leach, BScTech Manc. PhD DSc Leeds. Appointed 1969. Retired 1985.
Barrie Ernest Davidson, BAgSc BSc PhD. Appointed 2000. Died 2000.
Biochemistry (Medical)
Peter Francis Hall, MD BS Syd. PhD Utah MRCP FRACP. Appointed 1966. Resigned 1971.
Gerhard Hans Schreiber, DrMed DozBiochim Freiburg i Br. Appointed 1973. Retired 1997.
Mary-Jane Gething, BSc PhD. Resigned 2005.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biolog, Personal Chair
William Hugh Sawyer, MSc Minn. PhD ANU BAgSc Melb. Appointed August 1991. Retired 2000.
Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer, KCMG, MA DSc LittD FRS. Appointed 1887. Resigned 1919. Died 1929.
Jeremy David Pickett-Heaps, BA PhD Camb. FAA FRS. Appointed 1988.
Botany and Plant Physiology
Alfred James Ewart, PhD Oxf. Lond. & Melb. DSc Leip. FLS FRS. Appointed 1906. Died 1937.
John Stewart Turner, OBE, MA PhD Camb. MSc Hon.DSc FAA. Appointed 1938. Retired 1973. Died 1991.
Thomas Carrick Chambers, MSc N.Z. & Melb. PhD Syd. Hon.DSc. Resigned 1986.
Robert Bruce Knox, BSc Edin. PhD Birm. DSc FAA. Appointed January 1974. Died 1997.
Leopold Umschweif Simon, BE W.Aust. DipCivEng Lwow FIEAust FAIB. Appointed 1971. Retired 1975. Died 2009.
John Coleman Scrivener, BSc ME N.Z. PhD Lond. DIC FAIB FIEAust. FIArbA. Appointed 1977. Retired 1995.
Jon Robert Westell Robinson, BSc Reading MLEc Syd. BArch MBldg FRICS FRAIA FAIB FAIVLE FAIQS. Appointed July 1996. Retired 2009.
Business Law
David Ernest Allan, MA Camb. Of the Middle Temple Barrister at Law, Barrister-at-Law N.Z., Barrister and Solicitor Vic. & Tas. Appointed 1986. Retired 1993.
John Drummond Kirkland, MB BS. Appointed 1882. Died 1885.
Sir David Orme Masson, KBE, MA DSc FRSE FRS. Appointed 1886. Resigned 1923. Died 1937.
Sir Albert Cherbury David Rivett, KCMG, MA DSc FRS. Appointed 1923. Resigned 1927. Died 1961.
Ernst Johannes Hartung, DSc. Appointed 1927. Retired 1954. Died 1979.
John Stuart Anderson, MA Oxf. PhD Lond. MSc ARCS FAA FRS. Appointed 1954. Resigned 1959. Died 1990.
David Henry Solomon, AM, PhD DSc N.S.W. FAA FTS FRACI. Appointed 1990. Retired 1994. Appointed Professorial Fellow 1995.
Robert John Capon, BSc W.Aust. PhD W.Aust. Appointed 1 January 2002. Resigned 31 January 2003.
Richard Robson, BA Oxf. DPhil Oxf. FAA. Promoted July 2001. Retired July 2004.
Chemistry (ICI Australia - Masson Professor)
Robert Oliver Watts, BSc Lond. PhD A.N.U. FRACI. Appointed June 1995. Resigned 1997. Appointed Professorial Research Fellow 1997.
Chemistry, Inorganic
Raymond Leslie Martin, PhD ScD Camb. MSc FRACI FAA. Appointed 1962. Resigned 1972.
Donald Richard Stranks, AO, MSc PhD FRACI. Appointed 1973. Resigned 1976. Died 1986.
Thomas Aloysius O'Donnell, PhD DSc FRACI. Appointed 1979. Retired 1988. Died 2010.
Chemistry, Organic
William Davies, DPhil Oxf. DSc Manc. & Melb. Appointed 1952. Retired 1961. Died 1966.
Lloyd Miles Jackman, MSc PhD Adel. MSc. Appointed 1962. Resigned 1967.
Donald William Cameron, MA ScD Camb. MS PhD Manc. FRACI. Appointed October 1968. Retired 2000.
Chemistry, Physical
Alan Stuart Buchanan, BSc PhD FRACI. Appointed 1960. Resigned 1973. Visiting Professor 1974 to 1977.
George Wilse Robinson, MS Georgia PhD lowa. Appointed 1975. Resigned 1976.
Thomas William Healy, PhD Col. MSc FRACI FAA FTS. Appointed August 1977. Retired 1998.
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering:
David George Wood, BSc Lond. PhD Lond. CEng CPEng FIChemE FIEAust. Appointed March 1997. Resigned 2002. Professor Emeritus from January 2003.
Child Dental Health
Elsdon Storey, ED, PhD DDSc. Appointed Professor of Conservative Dentistry 1963; appointed Professor of Child Dental Health 1974. Retired 1988. Died 1988.
David Leopold Holm, MA MPhil Glas. DPhil Oxon. Appointed July 1995.
Classical and Comparative Philology and Logic
Henry Erskine Rowe, MA. Appointed 1854. Died 1855.
Martin Howy Irving, MA Oxf. & Melb. Appointed 1856. Resigned 1871. Died 1912.
Herbert Augustus Strong, MA Oxf. & Melb. Appointed 1872. Resigned 1884. Died 1918.
Classical Philology
Thomas George Tucker, CMG, MA LittD. Appointed 1886. Resigned 1919. Died 1946.
Cecil Allison Scutt, MA Camb. & Melb. Appointed 1920. Retired 1955. Died 1961.
Classical Studies
Harold Arthur Kinross Hunt, BA Syd. MA Oxf. LittD DipEd FAHA. Appointed 1955. Retired 1969. Died 1977.
Graeme Wilber Clarke, BA Oxf. MA N.Z. & Melb. LittD FAHA. Appointed 1969. Resigned 1981.
Michael John Osborne, MA Oxf. Dr Phil & Lett Leuven FAHA. Appointed 1983. Resigned 1989.
Frank Bowman Sear, MA PhD Camb. FAHA FSA. Appointed July 1991.
Classical Studies, Personal Chair
George Henry Gellie, MA BEd FAHA. Appointed 1976. Retired 1981. Died 1988.
Cognitive Science
Terrence Michael Caelli, BA PhD N’cle.(N.S.W.). Appointed 1989. Resigned 1994.
Sir Douglas Berry Copland, KBE CMG, MA DSc N.Z. LittD Harv. Q'ld & Melb. Hon.LLD A.N.U. DCL Bishop's LLD McGill Clark Carleton BC Adel & Melb. Appointed 1924. Resigned 1945. Died 1971.
Gordon Leslie Wood, MA Tas. LittD. Appointed 1944. Died 1953.
Donald Cochrane, CBE, PhD Camb. BCom FASSA. Appointed 1955. Resigned 1960. Died 1983.
Commerce and Business Administration (Sidney Myer Professor)
Frederick John Willett, AO, DSc MA Camb. Hon. DEcon Q'ld. DUniv Griffith Hon.LLD MBA. Appointed 1962. Resigned 1972. Died 1993.
Jack Stanley Smith, CMG, BME Hon. LLD FAIM. Appointed 1973. Retired 1977.
Philip John Barnes Rose, BCom NZ DipEc Camb. PhD Melb. Appointed March 1978. Retired 2000.
Community Medicine
Ross Wharton Webster, MB BS FRACP FRACGP. Appointed 1975. Retired 1989.
Computer Science
Peter Cyril Poole, BSc BEd Qld. PhD Syd. FTS FBCS FACS. Appointed 1975 to Chair of Information Science; renamed Chair of Computer Science 1976. Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Information Technology) 1990 to 1992. Retired 31 December 1992.
Conservative Dentistry
Charles Harold Down, DDSc FDSRCS FACD. Appointed 1949. Retired 1958. Died 1965.
Julien Reich, MB BS MDSc. Appointed 1958. Resigned 1962. Died 1992.
Elsdon Storey, ED, PhD DDSc. Appointed 1963. Appointed Professor of Child Dental Health 1974. Retired 1988. Died 1988.
John Gabriel Waterson, BDS BScDent PhD Adel. FRACDS. Appointed May 1978; Chair renamed Restorative Dentistry 1983. Retired 1988. Died 1993.
Kenneth Polk, BA Calif. MA N.Western PhD UCLA. Promoted January 1999. Retired 2001.
Arie Freiberg, LLB Melb. LLM Monash DipCrim Melb. Appointed February 1991. Resigned 2003.
Child Dental Health (Elsdon Storey Professor):
Louise Jovine Brearley Messer, AM PhD Minn. MDSc. Melb. Appointed January 1990.
Dental Medicine and Surgery
Sir Arthur Barton Pilgrim Amies, CMG, Hon.LLD Glas. DDSc DLO FRCS LRCP Edin. FRACS FDSRCS Eng. & Edin. FRSE FACD. Appointed 1934 to Chair of Dental Science and in 1955 to Chair of Dental Medicine and Surgery. Retired 1968. Died 1976.
Peter Clarence Reade, MDS PhD Adel. MDSc FDSRCS FRC PATH. Appointed March 1968. Retired 1992. Died 2009.
Dental Prosthetics
Henry Forman Atkinson, MBE MSc DDS Manc. MDSc FDSRCS Edin. Appointed 1953. Retired 1977.
Dental Science
Frank Clare Wilkinson, MD ChB BDS Liv. DDSc. Appointed 1924. Resigned 1933. Died 1979.
Sir Arthur Barton Pilgrim Amies, CMG, Hon.LLD Glas. DDSc DLO FRCS LRCP Edin. FRACS FDSRCS Eng. & Edin. FRSE FACD. Appointed 1934. Appointed Professor of Dental Medicine and Surgery 1955. Retired 1968. Died 1976.
Michael John Aldred, BDS PhD Wales FDSRCS. Appointed January 1997. Resigned 2000.
Joseph Ezra Isaac, PhD Lond. BA BCom FASSA. Appointed 1963. Resigned 1964.
Edgars Dunsdorfs, MA DEc Riga MCom. Appointed 1968. Retired 1969. Died 2002
Charles Samuel Soper, BCom. Appointed 1970. Retired 1980. Died 1995.
James Oliver Newton Perkins, MA PhD Camb. MCom FASSA. Appointed 1970. Retired 1989.
Economics (Truby Williams Professor)
Wilfred Prest, CBE, MA Leeds MACom Manc. MCom Hon.DCom. Appointed 1946. Retired 1972. Died 1985.
Leslie Roy Webb, PhD Lond. BCom FASSA. Appointed 1973. Resigned 1984.
Economic History
John Andrew La Nauze, BA W.Aust. MA Oxf. & Melb. LittD FAHA. Appointed 1949. Appointed to Ernest Scott Chair of History 1955. Resigned 1965. Died 1990.
William Woodruff, MA Oxf. BScEcon Lond. PhD Nott. DipEcon & PolSc Oxf. MCom. Appointed 1956. Resigned 1967.
Geoffrey Norman Blainey, AC AO MA. Appointed 1968. Appointed to Ernest Scott Chair of History 1977. Retired 1988.
Carl Boris Schedvin, BEc PhD Syd. FASSA. Appointed 1979. Resigned 1991. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 1991.
Steven James Nicholas, BA Syracuse MA Iowa. Appointed 23 June 1993. Resigned 14 January 2003.
Economic Research (Ritchie Professor)
Lyndhurst Falkiner Giblin, DSO MC, MA. Appointed 1929. Resigned 1940. Died 1951.
Benjamin Higgins, BA W.Ont. MSc(Econ) Lond. PhD Minn. DipPubAdmin Harv. MA. Appointed 1948. Resigned 1949. Died 2001.
Richard Ivan Downing, BA DipEc Camb. Appointed 1952. Died 1975.
Alan Anthony Leslie Powell, BSc Agr PhD Syd. FASSA. Appointed 1979. Resigned 1991.
Ross Alan Williams, AM, BCom Melb. MScEc PhD Lond. FASSA. Appointed 1975. Retired 2002
John Smyth, MA DPhil. Appointed 1919. Died 1927.
Leslie James Wrigley, MA. Appointed 1927. Died 1933.
George Stephenson Browne, MC, MA Oxf. & Melb. DipEd Oxf. Lond. & Melb. Appointed 1934. Retired 1956. Died 1970.
Wilfred Henry Frederick, Dip Sorbonne MA DipEd FACE. Appointed 1957. Retired 1966. Died 1977.
Albert Gordon Austin, MC, BA MEd. Appointed 1966. Retired 1978. Died 1990.
Hedley Beare, BA Adel. DEd Harv. DipEd DipT Adel. MEd FACE FACEA FAIM. Appointed 1981. Retired 1995. Died 2010.
Kwong Chiu Lee Dow, AM, BSc BEd ARACI FACR. Appointed 1973. Resigned 1998. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1998.
Peter William Hill, BA Lond. PhD Murd. GDipEd Murd. MACE. Appointed October 1994. Resigned 2003.
Education, Centre for the Study of Higher
David George Beswick, PhD Harv. MA MAPsS FACE. Appointed Director, Centre for the Study of Higher Education 1976. Retired 1988.
John Edward Anwyl, BA BEd. Appointed 1992. Retired 1995. Died 1998
Education (John Smyth Professor)
Francis Nicol Cox, MS Yale MA PhD MAPsS. Appointed 1969. Resigned 1971.
Kenneth Brian Start. MEd. W.Aust. BSc. PhD. Manc. FACE MAPsS ABPS. Appointed 1973. Retired 1995.
Education (Leadership and Management)
Peter William Hill, BA Lond. PhD Murd. GDipEd Murd. MACE. Appointed October 1994.
Education and Training, Vocational
Leo Roy Maglen, PhD Monash BCom DipEd Melb. Appointed November 1995. Retired 2000.
Education Policy and Management
Brian John Caldwell, BSc BEd Melb. MEd PhD Alta. Appointed August 1993. Retired 2003.
William Charles Kernot, MA MCE MInstCE. Appointed 1882. Died 1909.
Henry Payne, MIEAust MInstCE MIMechE Hon.FRAS. Appointed 1909. Resigned 1932. Died 1945.
Wilfred Noyce Kernot, MMechE MIEAust MInstCE. Appointed 1932. Resigned 1936. Died 1945.
Aubrey Frederick Burstall, MSc Birm. PhD Camb. DSc AMIMechE AMIAE MIM. Appointed 1936. Resigned 1945.
Engineering, Chemical
Stanley Robert Siemon, BSc MAppSc Q'ld ME CEng FIChemE AMAIChE FRACI FNZIC FIEAust MInstE. Appointed December 1964. Retired 1981.
Engineering, Civil
Sir James Adam Louis Matheson, KBE CMG MBE, MSc Manc. PhD Birm. Hon.DSc H.K. Hon.LLD Manc. MCE FICE FIStructE FIEAust FICE FTS FEng. Appointed 1947. Resigned 1950.
Arthur James Francis, MSc PhD Birm. Hon.DEng MCE MICE MIStructE MIEAust. Appointed 1951. Resigned 1969. Appointed Visiting Professor 1979. Died 2008
John Dempster Lawson, BE W.Aust. PhD Aberd. ME MASCE FIEAust. Appointed 1970. Retired 1989. Died 1991.
Engineering, Civil, Personal Chair
Leonard Kelman Stevens, PhD Camb. BCE MEngSc FIEAust. Appointed 1968. Retired 1990.
Engineering, Electrical
Charles Edmund Moorhouse, AM, Hon.DLitt Deakin DEng Hon. FIEAust FIEE FACE. Appointed 1948. Retired 1976. Died 2002
John Henry Anderson, BSc Leeds MSc PhD Manc. UMIST SMIEEE FIEAust. Appointed 1977. Retired 1988. Died 1991.
Keith Meredith Adams, MSc Vic.Coll.NZ OCAe Coll.of Aeronautic.Eng. PhD DelftUni.of Tech. Appointed 1975. Retired 1995.
Engineering, Mechanical
Sir Robert Rutherford Blackwood, Hon.LLD Monash BEE MCE FIEAust. Appointed 1946. Resigned 1947. Died 1982.
Paul Lewis Henderson, ME Syd. PhD Camb. MIMechE MICE MIChemE MIEAust Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple, London). Appointed 1949. Died 1963.
Peter William Whitton, BSc(Eng) DIC PhD Lond. ME FIEAust. Appointed 1964. Resigned 1976. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1979. Resigned 1984.
Zdzislaw Aleksander Parszewski, Dipl Eng Warsaw MSc DrEngSc Lodz DIC Lond. CEng FIMechE FIEAust PTMTS SocSc Lodziensis Bach Cross PR MASME. Appointed 1981. Died 1999.
Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing, Personal Chair
Peter Numa Joubert, BE Syd. ME FTS FIEAust AFRAeS MSNAME FSAEAust. Appointed 1972. Retired 1989.
Anthony Edward Perry, MEngSc PhD FIEAust FAA. Appointed November 1984. Retired 1999. Died 2001.
William Wallace Stewart Charters, BSc Leeds MSE Prin. ME Melb. CEng FIMechE FIEAust FAIE. Appointed December 1992. Retired 2000.
English, French and German Languages and Literatures
Edward Ellis Morris, MA LittD. Appointed 1882. Died 1901.
English Language and Literature
Sir Robert Strachan Wallace, KBE, MA Oxf. & Melb. LLD Aberd. Appointed 1912. Resigned 1927. Died 1961.
George Herbert Cowling, MA. Appointed 1928. Resigned 1943. Died 1946.
Ian Ramsay Maxwell, Chevalier of the Order of the Icelandic Falcon, BLitt Oxf. BA LLB FAHA. Appointed 1946. Retired 1968. Died 1979.
George Harrison Russell, MA N.Z. PhD Camb. FAHA. Appointed 1971. Retired 1983.
Kenneth Knowles Ruthven, MA PhD Manc. FAHA. Appointed June 1985. Retired 1999.
Bernard James Edward Muir, MSL Pontif.Inst.Tor. MA Tor. PhD Tor. Promoted July 2005.
English (Robert Wallace Professor)
Grahame Kevin Wilson Johnston, MA Oxf. & N.Z. Appointed 1963. Resigned 1965. Died 1967.
Samuel Louis Goldberg, BLitt Oxf. BA. Appointed 1966. Resigned 1976. Died 1991.
Howard Michael Felperin, BA Col. MA PhD Harv. Appointed 1977. Resigned 1985.
Stephen Thomas Knight, MA Oxf. PhD Sydney FAHA. Appointed 1987. Resigned 1992.
Simon Christopher During, BA Well. MA Auck. PhD Camb. Appointed January 1994. Resigned 2005.
English, Personal Chair
Vincent Thomas Buckley, MA. Appointed 1967. Retired 1987. Died 1988.
Christopher Keith Wallace-Crabbe, MA FAHA. Appointed August 1987. Retired 1997.
Peter Daniel Steele, AO SJ MA PhD. Melb. Appointed October 1993. Died 2012.
Environmental Science (School of Environmental Planning)
George Seddon, MSc PhD Minn. BA FAILA FRAPI FTS. Appointed 1974. Resigned 1988. Died 2007.
Experimental Physiology and Medicine (R.D. Wright Professor)
John Paul Coghlan, PhD DSc. Appointed to Chair of Experimental Physiology and Medicine January 1990. Previously appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) October 1987; renamed R. Douglas Wright Professor of Experimental Physiology and Medicine August 1990. Retired 1996.
Bruce David Grundy, BCom Qld. PhD Chicago. Appointed July 1998. Resigned 1999.
Finance (AMP Professor)
Robert Rupert Officer, MAgrEc NE MBA PhD Chic. BAgrSc Melb. FASSA. Appointed 1986. Resigned 2002.
Fine Arts (The Herald Professor)
Sir Joseph Terence Burke, KBE, MA Lond. Yale & Melb. Hon.DLitt Monash Hon.LLD FAHA. Appointed 1946. Retired 1978. Died 1992.
Margaret M. Manion. AO, PhD Bryn Mawr MA BEd FAHA FACE. Appointed 1979. Retired 1995.
Fitzgerald Professor of Accounting
Keith Allen Houghton, BCom Melb MSc Lond PhD UWA FCA FCPA. Appointed 1990. Resigned 2002.
Forest Science
Ian Stewart Ferguson, DF Yale BScF Melb. FIFA FRAIPR. Appointed October 1981. Retired 30 June 2003.
Alan Rowland Chisholm, OBE Officier de la Légion d'Honneur Cavaliere OMRI Officier de I'Instruction Publique, Hon.LLD Monash BA Syd. & Melb. FAHA. Appointed 1938. Retired 1956. Died 1981.
Ronald Francis Jackson, Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur Officier de I'Instruction Publique, BA Syd. MA. Appointed 1957. Died 1976.
Colin Ryder Duckworth, Commandeur dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques, MA Birm. PhD Camb. LittD. Appointed 1978. Retired 1988. Died 2012.
Colin William Nettelbeck, Ld’H BA Adel. DU Paris. Appointed February 1994. Retired 2005.
Anne Freadman, BA Melb. L-ès-L. MA Melb. PhD Qld. Appointed 19 January 2004.
French, Personal Chair
Richard Nelson Coe, MA Oxf. PhD Leeds FAHA. Appointed 1969. Resigned 1972. Died 1987.
Michael James Denham White, DSc Lond. MSc FAA FRS. Appointed 1964. Previously appointed to Chair of Zoology 1958. Retired 1975. Died 1983.
Maxwell John Whitten, BSc Syd. BA A.N.U. PhD Tas. FAA. Appointed 1976. Resigned 1981.
John Alexander McKenzie, BSc PhD LaTrobe FAA. Appointed July 1994. Resigned 2005.
John Andrews, BA Syd. PhD Camb. MA FASSA. Appointed 1959. Retired 1974. Died 1984.
Harold Chillingworth Brookfield, BA PhD Lond. FASSA. Appointed 1976. Resigned 1982.
Michael John Webber, BA Camb. PhD ANU. Appointed September 1985.
Geography, Personal Chair
John Robert Victor Prescott, Bsc MA DipEd Durh. PhD Lond. MA FASSA. Appointed August 1986. Retired 1996.
John Francis Lovering, Chevalier des Palmes Académiques, MSc Syd & Melb. PhD Cal. Tech. FAIG FAA MAusIMM. Appointed 1969. [Also appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) 1985.] Resigned 1987.
Geology and Mineralogy
John Walter Gregory, DSc FRS. Appointed 1900. Resigned 1904. Died 1932.
Ernest Willington Skeats, DSc ARCSc FGS. Appointed 1905. Resigned 1941. Died 1953.
Herbert St. John Summers, DSc. Appointed 1941. Resigned 1944. Died 1963.
Edwin Sherbon Hills, CBE, PhD DIC Lond. Hon.DSc Durh. DSc FAA FIC FRS. Appointed 1944. Appointed to Chair of Research in Geology 1963. Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1962 to 1971. Retired 1971. Died 1986.
Charles Maurice Tattam, PhD Lond. ScD Col. Sch. Min. BSc. Appointed 1965. Retired 1968. Died 1986.
Geology (Research in Geology)
Edwin Sherbon Hills, CBE, PhD DIC Lond. Hon.DSc Durh. DSc FAA FIC FRS. Appointed November 1963. Previously appointed to Chair of Geology and Mineralogy 1944. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1962. Retired 1971. Died 1986.
Anthony Renwick Stephens, BA PhD Syd. FAHA. Appointed June 1994. Resigned 2000.
Germanic Studies
Richard Herbert Samuel, Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the German Federal Republic, DrPhil Berlin PhD Camb. MA FACE FAHA. Appointed 1951. Retired 1968. Died 1983.
Gerhard Ernst Otto Schulz, DPhil Leip. FAHA. Appointed 1969. Retired 1993.
Germanic Studies, Personal Chair
Jacob Smit, Knight of the Order of Oranje Nassau, LittD Utrecht MA. Appointed 1965. Retired 1973. Died 1982.
Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine (Mount Royal Research Institute Professor)
Derek Melville Prinsley, MD BS Durh. FRCP Edin. FRACP FRSH. Appointed 1976. Retired 1986
Ronald Duncan Thomas Cape, Hon BSc MD FRCPEd FRCP Can FACP. Appointed 1968. Retired 1987.
Sir Ernest Scott. Appointed 1914. Resigned 1936. Died 1939.
Raymond Maxwell Crawford, OBE, BA Syd. MA Oxf. & Melb. FAHA. Appointed 1937. Resigned 1970. Died 1991.
Stephen George Wheatcroft, BA Keele PhD Birm. Appointed 1 July 2004.
Personal Chair in Department of History:
Ronald Thomas Ridley, MA Syd. LittD Melb. FSA. Appointed June 1997. Retired 2005.
History (Max Crawford Professor)
Gregory Moore Dening, PhD Harv. MA Harv. & Melb. FASSA. Appointed Professor of History 1971. Chair renamed Max Crawford Professor 1974. Retired 1990.
History (Ernest Scott Professor)
John Andrew La Nauze, BA W.Aust. MA Oxf. & Melb. LittD FAHA. Appointed 1956, previously appointed 1949 to Chair of Economic History. Resigned 1965. Died 1989.
John Riddoch Poynter, AO Chevalier des Palmes Académiques, MA Oxf. BA PhD FASSA FAHA. Appointed 1966. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) 1975. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1982. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 1989. Appointed Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Cultural Affairs) 1991. Retired 1995.
Geoffrey Norman Blainey, AO, MA. Appointed April 1977. Previously appointed June 1968 Professor of Economic History. Retired 1988.
Stuart Forbes Macintyre, AO SBA. <em>Melb</em>. MA <em>Monash </em>PhD <em>Camb. </em>Appointed December 1990. Appointed Laureate Professor 1 August 2002 to 31 July 2007.
History, Personal Chair in American History
Norman Denholm Harper, MA BEd. Appointed 1966. Retired 1972. Died 1986.
History and Philosophy of Science
Roderick Weir Home, BSc Melb. LittD Melb. PhD Indiana FAHA FAIP. Appointed October 1975. Retired 6 January 2003.
History and Political Economy
William Edward Hearn, QC, AM LLD Dub. Appointed 1854. Resigned 1873. Died 1888. (See also Law).
John Simeon Elkington, MA LLB. Appointed 1876. Resigned 1912. Died 1922.
Human Resources Management and Employee Relations (Pratt Family Professor)
Paul Dainty, BA Open. MSc Lond. MBA Lond. PhD Cranfield. Appointed October, 1995. Resigned 1997.
Industrial Relations and Labour Studies
Stephen James Deery, BEc DipEd Monash PhD LaTrobe MCom Melb. Appointed June 1990. Resigned 2000.
Information Systems
Michael Ross Vitale, BA Oakland MBA Harv. PhD Dartmouth. Appointed April 1995. Resigned 1998.
International Finance (Ian Potter Professor)
Ian Ross Harper, BEc Q'ld MEc PhD ANU Appointed February, 1993. Previously appointed Professor of Monetary and Financial Economics July 1988. Resigned 1998.
International Trade, Practice of (John Gough Professor)
David Henry Robertson, BA Brist. PhD Reading. Appointed February 1997. Retired 2000.
Irish Studies (Gerry Higgins Professor):
Elizabeth Letitia Malcolm, BA NSW MA Syd. PhD Dublin. FRHS. Appointed August 2000.
Colin Angus McCormick, Commendatore dell'Ordine al Merito della Republica Italiana, BA Camb. Appointed 1975. Resigned 1981. Died 1987.
Tom O'Neill, MA Glas. & Dub. Appointed 1985. Retired 1998.
Sir Kenneth Hamilton Bailey, CBE QC, BCL MA Oxf. Hon.LLD Dal. & A.N.U. LLM Hon.LLD. Appointed 1928. Appointed Professor of Public Law 1931. Died 1972.
Sir George Whitecross Paton, Kt, BA BCL Oxf. Hon.LLD Glas. Syd. Q'ld Tas. Lond. Monash & Melb. DCL W.Ont. MA Of Gray's Inn Barrister-at-Law. Appointed 1931. Appointed Vice-Chancellor 1951. Retired 1968. Died 1985.
Sir David Plumley Derham, KBE CMG MBE, Hon.LLD Monash & Melb. BA LLM Barrister-at-Law. Appointed 1951. Resigned 1964. Appointed Vice-Chancellor and Principal 1968. Resigned 1982. Died 1985.
Peter Brett, LLB Lond. LLM W.Aust. & Melb. SJD Harv. Barrister-at-Law. Appointed 1964. Previously appointed Hearn Professor of Law, 1963. Died 1975.
Landscape Architecture (Elisabeth Murdoch Professor) (School of Environmental Planning)
Michael Martin McCarthy, MSLA PhD Wis. ASLA AILA. Appointed 1983. Resigned 1987.
David George Yencken, AO, BA Camb. FAILA FRAPI. Appointed February 1988. Retired 1996.
Language and Literacy Education
Frances Helen Christie, BA Syd. MA Syd. MEd Syd. PhD Syd. DipEd Syd. Appointed 1 January 1994. Retired 28 February 2003.
William Edward Hearn, QC, AM LLD, Dub. Appointed 1854. Died 1888. (See also History and Political Economy.)
Edward Jenks, MA LLB. Appointed 1889. Resigned 1892. Died 1939.
Sir William Harrison Moore, KBE CMG, BA LLD. Appointed 1892. Resigned 1927. Died 1935.
Geoffrey Lindell, LLB Adel LLM Adel. Barrister and Solicitor. Promoted October 1999. Retired 2001.
Richard James Mitchell, MSc(IndRel) Lond. LLM Barrister and Solicitor. Promoted January 1999.
Law, Commercial
Francis Patrick Donovan, AM, BA BCL Oxf. LLB Adel. & Q'ld LLM. Appointed 1952. Resigned 1961.
Harold Arthur John Ford, SJD Harv. LLM Barrister-at-Law. Appointed 1962. Retired 1984. Died 2012.
Law (Edward Jenks Chair)
Michael Tilbury, LLB Lond. BCL Oxf. Appointed May 1995. Resigned 1 July 2003.
Law (George Paton Chair)
Harold Luntz, BA LLB Witw. BCL Oxf. LLD Melb. Barrister and Solicitor. Appointed May 1976. Retired 2002.
Law (Harrison Moore Professor)
Sandford Delbridge Clark, LLB Adel. PhD. Barrister and Solicitor Vic. and S.A. Appointed 1975. Resigned 1993.
Martin John Davies, MA BCL Oxf. LLM Harv. Appointed July 1995. Resigned 2000.
Law (Hearn Professor)
Peter Brett, LLB Lond. LLM W.Aust. & Melb. SJD Harv. Appointed 1963. Appointed to Chair of Jurisprudence 1964. Died 1975.
Colin Howard, LLM Lond. PhD Adel. LLD Barrister and Solicitor. Appointed 1965. Retired 1990.
Sally Ann Walker, LLM Melb. Barrister and Solicitor. Appointed 1993. Resigned 2000. Appointed Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor 2000.
Law, Public
Sir Kenneth Hamilton Bailey, CBE QC, BCL MA Oxf. Hon.LLD Dal. & A.N.U. LLM Hon.LLD. Appointed 1931. Resigned 1946. Died 1972.
Wolfgang Gaston Friedmann, LLD Lond. DJur Berlin LLM Of the Middle Temple Barrister-at-Law. Appointed 1947. Resigned 1950. Died 1972.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Zelman Cowen, AK GCMG GCVO GC OMRI KStJ Ktcr QC, MA DCL Oxf. Hon.LLD H.K. Q'ld W.Aust. Turin A.N.U. Tas. & Melb. Hon.DLitt N.E. Syd. James Cook & Oxf. Hon.DHL Heb. Union Coll. Cinc. & Redlands Cal. Hon.DUniv N'cle (N.S.W.) & Griff. Hon. PhD. Heb. Univ. of Jerusalem & Tel Aviv. BA LLM of Gray's Inn Barrister-at-Law. Appointed 1951. Resigned 1966. [Governor-General of Australia, 1977-1982.]. Died 2011.
Edward Irving Sykes, BA Q'ld LLD Barrister and Solicitor. Appointed 1967. Retired 1975.
Law, Taxation (C.C.H. Research Professor)
Bernard Marks, LLB Syd. LLM Ill. MCL. Wash. Barrister N.S.W., Barrister and Solicitor Vic. & Nova Scotia. Appointed 1986. Retired 1996.
Leadership and Decision Making (Pratt Family Professor)
Leon Mann, MA Melb. PhD Yale DipSocSt Melb. FASSA. Appointed to Chair of Organisational Behaviour and Decisional Making January 1991, renamed Pratt Family Chair of Leadership and Decision Making December 1997. Resigned 2003.
Management (Information Systems)
Peter David Weill, MPhil PhD NY BE MBA. Appointed July 1994. Resigned 2000.
Management (Law and Economics)
Philip Laurence Williams, MEc Monash PhD Lond. Appointed July 1994. Resigned 2002.
Simon Rosenblat, MSc PhD Syd. FIMA. Appointed 1972. Resigned 1983. Died 2002.
Leon Simon, BSc PhD Adel. Appointed 1978. Resigned 1981.
Lee Raymond White, BSc Q'ld. PhD ANU Appointed March 1984. Resigned 1998.
Colin John Thompson, BSc PhD NSW FAA FIMA. Appointed April 1972. Retired 1999.
Charles Frederick Miller, BA Lehigh MS N.Y. PhD Ill. Appointed 1976. Retired 2006.
Mathematics and Statistics, Personal Chair
Walter David Neumann, MA Adel. PhD Bonn. Appointed June 1997. Resigned 1999.
Mathematics, Applied
Sir Thomas MacFarland Cherry, BA Camb. & Melb. PhD ScD Camb. FAA FRS. Appointed 1929. Retired 1964. Died 1966.
James Wilkinson Craggs, BSc PhD Manc. & Camb. Appointed 1964. Resigned 1967.
Lee Raymond White, PhD A.N.U. Appointed 1984. Resigned 1998.
Mathematics, Pure
Eric Russell Love, BA Camb. & Melb. PhD ScD Camb. FIMA. Appointed 1952. Retired 1977. Appointed Honorary Professor 1982. Died 2001.
Mathematics, Pure and Mixed
William Parkinson Wilson, MA. Appointed 1854. Died 1874.
Edward John Nanson, MA Camb. & Melb. Appointed 1875. Resigned 1922. Died 1936.
John Henry Michell, MA FRS. Appointed 1923. Resigned 1928. Died 1940.
Mathematics (R.A.A.F. Academy)
Basil Cameron Rennie, MA PhD Camb. Appointed 1961. Resigned 1965. Died 1996.
Maurice Norman Brearley, BE W.Aust. BSc Syd. MA Camb. PhD Adel. MSc. Appointed 1966. Retired 1985.
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering:
Harry Charles Watson, BSc(Eng) PhD Lond. ACGI DIC CEng MIMechE FSAEAust MSAE FTSE. Appointed July 1996. Retired 2008.
Medical Biology
Sir Gustav Joseph Victor Nossal, AC CBE, BSc(Med) MB BS Syd. PhD Melb. Hon. MD Mainz Hon. MD N’cle-N.S.W. Hon. MD Leeds Hon. MD W.Aust. Hon. DSc Syd. Hon. DSc Q’ld. Hon. DSc A.N.U. Hon. DSc N.S.W. Hon. DSc LaTrobe Hon. DSc McM. Hon. LLD Monash Hon. LLD Melb. FRCP FRACP FRCPA FRACOG(Hon.) FRCPath FRACGP FRSE FTSE FAA FRS. Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Appointed 1965. Retired 1996.
Medical Biology (Research Professor of Cancer Biology)
Donald Metcalf, AC, MD BSc(Med) Hon.DSc Syd. Hon. MD Oslo FRCPA FRACP FAA FRS. Appointed August 1986. Retired 1996.
Medical Biology (Research Professor of Experimental Immunology)
Jacques Francis Albert Pierre Miller, AO BA Melb. BSc(Med) MB BS Syd. PhD DSc Lond. Hon. MD Syd. FRCPA FRSA FAA FRS. Appointed 1990. Retired 1996.
Richard Graeme Larkins, PhD Lond. MD BS Melb. FRACP FRCP. Appointed January 1998. Previously appointed James Stewart Professor of Medicine ( Royal Melbourne Hospital and Western Hospital) 1984. Resigned 31 August 2003.
Medicine (Austin Hospital)
Austin Eric Doyle, AO, MD BS Lond. FRCP FRACP. Appointed 1966. Retired 1985. Died 1993.
Ian Farquar Campbell McKenzie, MD BS PhD FRACP FRCPA. Appointed June 1991. Previously appointed to Personal Chair in Medicine (Austin Hospital) April 1980. Transferred to Pathology April 1981. Resigned 1991.
Medicine (Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre)
Colin Ivor Johnston, MB BS Syd. FRACP. Appointed March 1986. Retired 1999.
Richard Alan Smallwood, AM MB BS FRACP. Appointed January 1990. On secondment from 1 October 1999. Resigned 30 June 2003.
Medicine (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Western Hospital) James Stewart Professor
Richard Robert Haynes Lovell, AO, MD BS Lond. MSc FRCP FRACP Hon.FACP MRCS. Appointed 1955. Retired 1983. Died 2000.
Richard Graeme Larkins, MD BS PhD Lond. FRCP FRACP Hon. Appointed 1984. Retired 1997. Appointed Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences 1998.
Medicine (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Western Hospital), Personal Chair
Priscilla Sheath Kincaid-Smith, CBE, Hon.DSc(Med) DSc MB BCh Witw. MD DCP Lond. FRCP FRACP FRCPA FACP(Hon.). Appointed 1975. Retired 1991.
Medicine (St. Vincent's Hospital)
John Gerald Hayden, CBE ED, MD BS FRCP FRACP. Appointed 1957. Died 1960.
Gordon Carl de Gruchy, MD BS FRCP FRACP MCPA. Appointed 1962. Resigned 1970. Died 1974.
David Geoffrey Penington, AC, MA DM BCh Oxf. FRCP FRACP FRCPA. Appointed 1970. Resigned 1987. [Vice-Chancellor from 1988.]
Thomas John Martin, AO MD BS DSc FRACP FRCPA FAA. Appointed 1988. Retired 1998.
Medicine, Experimental
Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet, OM AK KBE, PhD Lond. Hon.ScD Camb. HonDSc W.Aust. N.Z. Harv. Lond. Syd. N.S.W. Oxf. & Monash MD BS Hon.LLD FRCP Lond. & Edin. FACP FRACP Hon.FRCS FRSE FAA FRS. Director of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Appointed 1944. Retired 1965. Died 1985.
John Neill Greenwood, DSc Manc. & Melb. Hon.DAppSc MMetE. Appointed 1924. Appointed Research Professor of Metallurgy 1945. Appointed to Personal Chair 1960. Retired 1964. Died 1981.
Howard Knox Worner, Hon.DSc Newcastle DSc Hon.DEng ABSM FRACI FIM MIMM MAustMM. Appointed 1947. Resigned 1955.
Hill Wesley Worner, DSc FIM MAusIMM FRACI. Appointed 1956. Resigned 1976. Died 2002.
Metallurgy, Physical
Maxwell Edgar Hargreaves, PhD Camb. BMetE MAusIMM FIM. Appointed 1964. Died 1976.
William Francis Budd, BSc, DipEd Syd. MSc, PhD. Appointed 1979. Resigned 1992.
Sydney Dattilo Rubbo, Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, BSc Syd. & Lond. PhD DipBact Lond. MD BS MPS Syd. MCPA. Appointed 1945. Died 1969.
David Ogilvie White, AO, MB BS Syd. PhD A.N.U. MSc FRCPA MD Syd. MD (Hon.) FASM. Appointed 1967. Retired 1994.
Alfred James Pittard, PhD Yale DipPharm Vic. Coll. Pharm. DSc FAA. Appointed January 1970. Retired 1997.

Microbiology, Chemical, Personal Chair
Frank William Ernest Gibson, DPhil Oxf. DSc FAA FRS. Appointed 1965. Resigned 1966.

Microbiology (Medical)
David Francis Gray, BVSc Syd. & Q'ld DSc Q'ld MSc DVSc MACVSc DipBact Lond. HDA FACVSc. Appointed 1967. Retired 1975. Died 1993.

Microbiology, Personal Chair
Nancy Fannie Millis, AC MBE, PhD Brist. MAgrSc DSc(Honoris Causa) FTS. MASM. Appointed 1982. Retired 1987.

Died 2012.
Middle Eastern Studies
John Bowman, MA BD Glas. DPhil Oxf. MA FAHA. Appointed 1959. Retired 1978. Died 2006.
Takamitsu Muraoka, MA Tokyo Kyoiku Univ. PhD. Hebrew Univ. Appointed 1980. Resigned 1991.

Mining and Metallurgy
John Bedford Evans, BSc BME MAusIMM MCIMM. Appointed 1979. Resigned 1981.

Music (Ormond Professor)
George William Louis Marshall-Hall. Appointed 1890. Tenure expired 1900. Re-appointed 1914. Died 1915.
Franklin Sievwright Peterson, MusBac. Appointed 1900. Died 1914.
William Adolphus Laver. Appointed 1916. Resigned 1926. Died 1940.
Sir Bernard Heinze, AC Officier de la Couronne Belgium, Degré Superieur Schola Cantorum Paris MusDoc W.Aust. LLD Br. Col. MA Hon.DMus FRCM. Appointed 1926. Resigned 1957. Died 1982.
George Frederick Loughlin, DMus Durh. MA FRCM FRCO FRSA. Appointed 1958. Retired 1979. Died 1984.
Michael Brimer, MA Camb. BA Cape T. BMus Lond. FRCO ARCH ADCM. Appoint 1980. Retired 1988.

Professor Warren Arthur Bebbington, MA Queens (NY) MPhil MMus PhD CUNY. Appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor (University Relations) 1 January 2006. Appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Relations) 1 June 2008. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (University Affairs) 28 September 2009 to 6 July 2012.
Peter John Dennison, BMus Syd. MA Oxf. & Camb. DPhil Oxf. PhD Camb. FRCO. Appointed 1975. Retired 1989. Died 1989.

Natural Philosophy
Henry Martyn Andrew, MA Camb. & Melb. Appointed 1882. Died 1888.
Sir Thomas Ranken Lyle, MA DSc FRS. Appointed 1889. Resigned 1914. Died 1944.
Thomas Howell Laby, MA ScD FRS FInstP. Appointed 1914. Resigned 1944. Died 1946.

Natural Science
Sir Frederick McCoy, KCMG, MA DSc Camb.FRS. Appointed 1854. Died 1899.

Neurology, Experimental
Sir Sydney Sunderland, Kt CMG, DSc MD BS Hon.MD Tas. & Q'ld. Hon.LLD Monash & Melb. FRACP Hon.FRACS FAA. Appointed March 1940 (Anatomy); appointed 1961 (Experimental Neurology). Retired 1975. Died 1993.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (from 1967, Dunbar Hooper Professor)
Robert Marshal Allan, MC, MD ChB MD FRCSE FRACS LM FRCOG FACS(Hon.). Appointed 1929. Died 1946.
Sir Lance Townsend, Kt VRD, Hon.LLD Monash & Melb. MD BS MGO DTM&H Lond. FRCS Edin. FACS FRACS FRCOG FRACP FACMA FAustCOG Hon.FRCS Can. Hon.FACOG Hon.FCOG S.A. Appointed 1951. Retired 1977. Assistant Vice-Chancellor 1978. Died 1983.
Roger James Pepperell, MD Monash MB BS MGO FRACP FRCOG FRACOG. Appointed January 1978. Resigned 1998.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Mercy and Austin Hospitals)
Norman Albert Beischer, MD BS MGO FRCSEd FRACS FRCOG FRACOG. Appointed 1968. Retired 1995.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Personal Chair
James Boyer Brown, MSc N.Z. & Melb. PhD DSc Edin. FRACOG. Appointed 1972. Retired 1984.

Hector Maclean, MB ChB StAnd. DO Lond. FRCS Edin. FRACO FRCOphth. Appointed 1995. Resigned January 2003.
Ophthalmology (Ringland Anderson Professor)
Gerard William Crock, AO, MB BS FRCS FRACS FRACP FRACO. Appointed 1963. Resigned 1986.

Died 2007.
Barry Leighton Cole, AO, BSc MAppSc PhD LOSc. Appointed October 1978. Retired 1999.

Oriental Studies
Harry Felix Simon, BA Lond. MA. Appointed 1961. Retired 1988.

Otolaryngology (William Gibson Professor)
Graeme Milbourne Clark, AC AO MB MS PhD Syd. HonMD Hannover HonMD Syd. FRCS FRCSEd FRACS. Appointed January 1970. Appointed Laureate Professor 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2004.

Paediatrics (Royal Children's Hospital Research Professor)
Donald Brook Cheek, MD BS Adel. DSc Cin. Appointed 1973. Resigned 1980. Died 1990.
David Miles Danks AO MD BS FRACP. Appointed 1983. Retired 1995.

Died 2003.
Paediatrics (Stevenson Professor)
Vernon Leslie Collins, CBE, DCH Lond. MD BS FRCP FRACP. Appointed 1960. Retired 1974. Died 1978.
David Miles Danks AO MD BS FRACP. Appointed 1974. Resigned 1983.
Peter Duhig Phelan, BSc MD FRACP. Appointed February 1983. Retired 1997.
Peter John Smith, BSc MB BS MD Qld. FRACP FRCPA. Appointed April 1997. Resigned 2000.

Sir Harry Brookes Allen, MD BS LLD Edin. Appointed 1882. Tenure terminated 1924. Died 1926.
Sir Peter MacCallum, MC, MA N.Z. MSc N.Z. & Melb. MB ChB DPH Edin. MD FRCP Edin. FRACP FRSE MCPA. Appointed 1925. Retired 1950. Died 1974.
Edgar Samuel John King, CMG, DSc MD MS FRACP FRCS FRACS MCPA FAA. Appointed 1951. Died 1966.
George Swanson Christie, MD BS FRACS FRACP FRCPA FRCPath. Appointed 1967. Died 1980.
John Victor Hurley, MD BS PhD FRACP FRCPA FRCPath Hon.FRACR. Appointed 1981. Retired 1986. Died 2000.
Harold Dallas Attwood, MD ChB St.And. MD FRACP FRCPA FRCPath. Appointed 1966. Retired 1988.
Personal Chairs
See Agriculture and Forestry; Anatomy and Medical History; Anthropology; Applied Economic Research; Classical Studies; Engineering; Civil; Engineering; Mechanical and Manufacturing; English; French; Germanic Studies; History, American; Medicine; Microbiology; Microbiology;, Chemical; Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Physics; Physiology; Psychology.
Frank Herbert Shaw, PhD Lond. MSc. Appointed 1954. Resigned 1964. Died 1971.
Michael John Rand, PhD Syd. MSc. Appointed 1965. Retired 1992. Died 2002.
Philosophy, Mental and Moral
Henry Laurie, LLD. Appointed 1886. Resigned 1911. Died 1922.
William Ralph Boyce Gibson, MA DSc. Appointed 1912. Resigned 1934. Died 1935.
Philosophy (from 1967, Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy)
Alexander Boyce Gibson, MA Oxf. DLitt Camb. BA FAHA. Appointed 1935. Retired 1966. Died 1972.
Douglas Aidan Trist Gasking, BA Liv. MA Camb. & Melb. Appointed 1966. Retired 1976. Died 1994.
Leonard Goddard, MA BPhil St.And. FAHA. Appointed 1977. Retired 1989. Died 2009.
Cecil Anthony John Coady, BA Syd. BPhil Oxf. MA Camb. MA Melb. FAHA. Appointed 1990. Resigned 1997.
Keith Alexander Nugent, BSc Adel. PhD ANU FAA FAIP. Appointed Professor on 27 June 1991. Appointed Federation Fellow on 1 January 2002. Resigned December 2012.
Physics (Chamber of Manufactures Professor)
Sir Leslie Harold Martin, CBE, PhD Camb. Hon.DSc A.N.U. Syd. Q'ld & Melb. Hon.LittD Syd. Hon.LLD W.A. & Melb. FInstP FAA FRS. Appointed 1945. Resigned 1959. Died 1983.
John Maxwell Cowley, DSc Adel. PhD M.I.T. MSc FAA FRS FInstP FAIP. Appointed 1962. Resigned 1969.
Herbert Howard Bolotin, BS C.U.N.Y. MS PhD Indiana DSc FAIP. Appointed 1971. Resigned 1995.
Physics, Experimental
David Edmund Caro AO OBE, PhD Birm. Hon.LLD Tas. & Melb. MSc Hon.DSc FInstP FAIP FACE. Appointed 1961. Resigned 1972. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1972. Resigned 1977. Appointed Vice-Chancellor 1982. Retired 1987.
Geoffrey Ivan Opat, MSc PhD Melb. FAIP. Appointed September 1973. Retired 2000. Died 2002.
Physics, Personal Chairs
Colin Arnold Ramm, MSc W.Aust. PhD Birm. FInstP FAIP. Appointed "a professor of the University" 1972; Personal Chair in the Department of Physics 1982. Retired 1986. Honorary Professor since 1987.
Brian Milton Spicer, PhD DSc FInstP FAIP FAPS. Appointed 1965. Retired 1988. Honorary Professor since 1989.
Anthony George Klein, AM, BEE PhD DSc FAIP. Appointed November 1983. Retired 1998.
Physics (R.A.A.F. Academy)
Victor David Hopper, OBE, DSc FInstP FAIP. Appointed 1961. Retired 1978. Visiting Professor 1979 1981; Honorary Professor since 1981.
John Angas Thomas, BSc Adel. PhD Q'ld. DSc AInstP AAIP MIAU. Appointed 1981. Resigned 1985.
Physics, Theoretical
Courtney Balthazar Oppenheim Mohr, PhD Camb. BA MSc FInstP FAIP. Appointed 1961. Retired 1971. Died 1986.
Physiology and Histology
George Britton Halford, MD. Appointed 1862. Resigned 1903. Died 1910.
Sir Charles James Martin, CMG, MD DSc FRS. Appointed 1903. Resigned 1904. Died 1955.
William Alexander Osborne, MB BCh Belf. DSc Tübingen & Melb. Hon.DSc Belf. Hon.FACS. Appointed 1904. Resigned 1938. Died 1967.
Sir Roy Douglas Wright, AK, DSc A.N.U. & Melb. Hon.LLD A.N.U. & Melb. MB MS FRACP. Appointed 1939. Resigned 1971. Appointed Deputy Chancellor 1972-1980; Chancellor 1980-1989. Died 1990.
Allan John Day, BS MD Adel. DPhil Oxf. DSc. BTh Appointed 1967. Retired 1988. Died 2013.
Ian Darian-Smith, BS MD Adel. Appointed 1972. Resigned 1982. Appointed to Chair of Anatomy 1983.
John Barton Furness, MSc PhD, FAA. Appointed 1990. Resigned 1992. Appointed to Chair of Anatomy and Cell Biology 1993.
Trefor Owen Morgan, BSc(Med) BAppSc(Wine) CSturt MB BS Syd. MD Syd. FRACP. Appointed March 1984.
Physiology and Medicine (Research), Experimental
Derek Ashworth Denton, MB BS KVA FAA FRACP. Appointed 1977. Retired 1989.
Physiology, Personal Chair
Ernest Basil Verney, MA MB BCh Camb. FRCP FRS. Appointed 1961. Retired 1964. Died 1967.
Plant Pathology
Lionel Leslie Stubbs, DAgrSc FAIAS. Appointed 1969. Retired 1981.
Political Science
William MacMahon Ball, AC, MA FRIPA. Appointed 1949. Retired 1968. Died 1986.
Alan Fraser Davies, MA. Appointed 1968. Died 1987.
John Marcus Power, PhD A.M. Harv. BA FIMA. Appointed 1977. Retired 1993.
John S Dryzek, BA Lanc. MSC(Pol) Strath. PhD Mland. Appointed February 1995. Resigned 2000.
Verity Nancy Burgmann, BSc Lond. PhD ANU FASSA. Promoted 1 July 2003.
Preventive and Community Dentistry
Frederick Allan Clive Wright, MDS PhD Otago. Appointed January 1989. Retired 1997.
Peter Balshaw McPhee, MA PhD DipEd Melb. FAHA FASSA. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 1 October 2003 to 9 September 2007. Provost 10 September 2007 to 14 July 2009.
Professor John Dewar, BCL MA Oxon. PhD Griff. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Relations) 6 April 2009 to 27 September 2009. Provost 28 September 2009 to 23 December 2011.
Brian Michael Davies, MD BCh Wales DCH DPM Lond. FRCP FRACP FRANZCP FRCPsych. Appointed 1964. Retired 1990.
Psychiatry (Cato Professor):
Bruce Sugriv Singh, MB BS Syd. PhD Melb. FRACP FRANZCP. Appointed January 1991.
Oscar Adolph Oeser, MSc S. Africa DrPhil Marburg PhD Camb. MA FAPsS FBPsS. Appointed 1946. Retired 1969. Died 1983.
Alastair Heron, Member of the Order of Distinguished Service Zambia, MSc Manc. PhD Lond. FBPsS FAPsS. Appointed 1970. Resigned 1974. Died 2009.
Gordon Veitch Stanley, BA PhD W.Aust. FBPsS FAPsS. Appointed 1975. [Also appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Staff) 1985.] Resigned 1989.
Roger Julyan Wales, BSc Lond. PhD Reading CPsych. Appointed January 1990. Retired 1999.
Patrick Dennistoun McGorry, MB BS PhD MRCP( UK) FRANZCP.
Psychology, Personal Chair
Samuel Battle Hammond, BA W.Aust. PhD FAPsS. Appointed 1968. Retired 1983. Died 2010.
Psychology, Morgan Centre Professor
Michael W O’Boyle, BSc Chic. MA Nevada MA USC PhD USC. Appointed August 1999. Resigned July 2004.
Radiology (Edgar Rouse Professor)
William Samuel Calhoun Hare, AO, MD BS DDR FRCR FRACR FRACP DDU. Appointed 1965. Retired 1988. Died 2013.
Restorative Dentistry
John Gabriel Waterson, BDS BScDent PhD Adel. FRACDS. Appointed May 1978 to Chair of Conservative Dentistry; renamed Chair of Restorative Dentistry 1983. Retired 1988. Died 1993.
Rural Health
David Simmons, BA Camb. MB BS Lond. MA Camb. MD Camb. FRGS FRACP MRCP UK . Appointed 1 February 1999 . Resigned 10 January 2003 .
Roland Denis Sussex, OAM MA Cant. PhD Lond. Appointed 1977. Resigned 1989.
Semitic Studies (Lazarus and Abraham Sicree Professor)
Maurice David Goldman, PhD Berlin MA. Appointed 1945. Died 1957.
Social Work
Verl Samuel Lewis, AB Huron MA Chic. DSW Western Reserve ACSW. Appointed 1974. Retired 1977. Died 1980.
Leonard James Tierney, BA DipSocSt MSc(Soc.Wk.) DSW Columbia. Appointed 1978-1980; reappointed 1988-1989. Died 1996.
Donald Pilcher, BS Kansas St MSW Kansas PhD UCSD. Appointed 1981. Resigned 1987.
Concetta Benn, AM MA DipSocStud. Hon.LLD Hon.DSc R.M.I.T. Appointed 1989. Retired 1991.
Kathleen Janet Carter, MSc (Econ) Lond. MPhil W.Aust. BA DipSocStud. Appointed 1992. Resigned 1994.
Maurice Henry Belz, Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, BSc Syd. MSc. Camb. MA FASA FSI. Appointed 1955. Retired 1964. Died 1975.
Evan James Williams, BCom Tas. DSc FIMS MISI. Appointed 1964. Retired 1982. Died 2010.
Christopher Charles Heyde, PhD DSc A.N.U. FAA. Appointed 1983. Resigned 1986.
Peter John Brockwell, BEE MA PhD A.N.U. FIMS MISI. Appointed 1988. Resigned 1989.
Timothy Carlisle Brown, BSc Monash PhD Camb. Appointed July 1992. Resigned 2002.
Gordon James Aitken Clunie, MB ChM FRCS Edin. FRCS FRACS. Appointed January 1996. Previously appointed to James Stewart Professor of Surgery (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Western Hospital) September 1978. Retired 1997.
Surgery (Austin Hospital)
Howard Hadfield Eddey, CMG, BSc MB BS FRCS FRACS FACS. Appointed 1967. Retired 1975. Died 2004.
Surgery (Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre)
Kenneth John Hardy, MB BS Melb. FRACS FACS. Appointed January 1976. Retired 2000.
Surgery (Geelong Hospital)
Irwin Bruce Faris, MD Monash MB BS FRACS. Appointed July 1992. Retired 1999.
Surgery (Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital)
Donald Gerard MacLellan, BSc ChB Glas. MD FRACS. Appointed 1987. Resigned 1995.
Gabriel Andrew Kune, MB BS FRCS FRACS FACS. Appointed 1977. Retired 1988.
Surgery (from 1957, James Stewart Professor, Royal Melbourne Hospital)
Maurice Rossie Ewing, CBE, MB ChB Edin. Hon.MD Monash & Melb. MSc FRCS Edin. FRACS Hon.FACS. Appointed 1955. Retired 1977. Died 1999.
Gordon James Aitken Clunie, MB ChM DSc Edin. FRCS FRCS Edin. FRACS. Appointed 1978. Resigned 1995. Appointed Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences 1996. Retired 1997.
Surgery (Hugh Devine Professor, St Vincent's Hospital)
Richard Clayton Bennett, MB MS Adel. FRCS FRACS FRCSEdin (Hon.). Appointed 1966. Retired 1990.
Christopher John Martin, MSc MB BS Syd. Appointed 1982. Resigned 1993.
Surgery (Western Hospital)
Robert John Shedden Thomas, MB BS FRCS FRACS. Appointed November 1992. Resigned 1999.
Surveying and Land Information
Ian Philip Williamson, MSurvSc PhD NSW FISAust LS. Appointed to Chair of Surveying July 1986. Title changed to Professor of Surveying and Land Information May 1987. Resigned 2002.
Theoretical Physics:
Bruce Harold John McKellar, BSc PhD Syd. DSc Melb FInstP FAIP FAPS FAA. Appointed January 1972. Retired 2008.
Town and Regional Planning
Frederick William Ledgar, MA PhD DipTCP Manc. MTRP FRTPI FRAPI FRSA. Appointed 1970. Retired 1980. Died 1995.
John Brian McLoughlin, BA Durh. Appointed 1983. Died 1994.
Tutorial Classes, Director (later, Director of University Extensions)
Meredith Atkinson, MA. Appointed 1917. Resigned 1922.
John Alexander Gunn, BSc Lond. MA PhD Liv. MA. Appointed 1923. Retired 1938. Died 1975.
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Leo Broof Jeffcott, BVetMed PhD Lond. DVSc. Appointed 1983. Resigned 1991.
Virginia Perryman Studdert, BSc DVM Calif. Appointed December 1991. Retired 2002.
Veterinary Medicine
Douglas Charles Blood, OBE, BVSc Syd. Hon.LLD Sask. MVSc FACVSc Hon.Assoc. RCVS. Appointed 1962. Retired 1985. Died 2013.
Veterinary Physiology
James Davidson Steel, DVSc Syd. MVSc. Appointed 1965. Died 1977.
Veterinary Pathology
John Anderson Gilruth, DVSc MRCVS FRSE. Appointed 1908. Resigned 1912. Died 1937
Harold Addison Woodruff, BSc MRCVS MRCS LRCP. Appointed 1913. Tenure expired 1929. Appointed to Chair of Bacteriology 1935. Retired 1945. Died 1966.
Kenneth Vincent Finlayson Jubb, BVSc Syd. MSc PhD C'nell. Hon.DVSc Murd. Hon.DSc U.P.M. (AG.U. Malaysia) MVSc FACVSc FTS. Appointed 1963. Retired 1990. Died 2013.
Veterinary Science
Ronald Francis Slocombe, MVSc PhD Mich. ACVP. Appointed October 1993. Retired 2012.
David Geoffrey Penington, AC MA Oxf. DM BCh Oxf. Hon LLD Melb. FRCP FRACP FRCPA. Appointed January 1988. Previously appointed Professor of Medicine St Vincent’s Hospital April 1970. Retired 1995.
Kwong Chiu Lee Dow, AM BSc BEd Melb. ARACI FACE. Appointed February 2004 . Previously appointed Professor of Education June 1973 and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Staff) June 1998. Retired 2005.
Alan David Gilbert, MA ANU DPhil Oxf. HonDLitt Tas. HonLLD McG. FASSA. Appointed January 1996. Resigned January 2004.
Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer, KCMG, MA DSc LittD FRS. Appointed 1887. Resigned 1919. Died 1929.
Wilfred Eade Agar, CBE, MA Camb. DSc Glas. & Melb. FRS. Appointed 1919. Retired 1947. Died 1951.
Oscar Werner Tiegs, MSc Q'ld & Melb. DSc Adel. FAA FRS. Appointed 1948. Died 1956.
Michael James Denham White, DSc Lond. MSc FAA FRS. Appointed 1958. Appointed to Chair of Genetics 1964. Died 1983.
Geoffrey Burnstock, PhD Lond. DSc FAA FRS. Appointed 1965. Resigned 1975.
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