The University of Melbourne University Executive

University Executive

The University Executive is the University’s principal management committee. Its membership includes members of the Chancellery Executive, President of the Academic Board and Deans.

The committee is responsible for overseeing matters relating to University strategy. It oversees finalisation of the University’s strategic plan and preparation of the annual University budget. University Executive monitors divisional performance against plans and budgets, the University’s capital program and major projects.

Terms of Reference

This section holds the complete Terms of Reference for the University Executive.


Here you will find information on Membership of the University Executive.

Meeting Dates for 2015

University Executive meetings are scheduled for 8.30am-12.00 noon Wednesday on the following dates in the Jim Potter Conference Room, Old Physics Building, The University of Melbourne, Parkville.

18 February
18 March
22 April
20 May
17 June
15 July
19 August
16 September
21 October
18 November
16 December


The Vice Chancellor


University Secretary
Ph 8344 7117

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