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Research at Melbourne Strategy: Ensuring Excellence and Impact to 2025

Our Vision

Research at Melbourne: Ensuring Excellence and Impact to 2025 outlines the University of Melbourne’s research and research training strategy for the next 10-15 years.

Research at Melbourne aspires to a significant advancement in the excellence and impact of our research outputs. The strategy recognises that as a public-spirited, research-intensive institution, our research must strive to make a tangible impact in Australia and the world.

The opportunity to pursue knowledge for its own sake is arguably one of humanity’s loftiest endeavours, thus rendering it a special privilege. Privilege means we have certain obligations – to justify our efforts to society, to communicate our research, and to ensure the conduct of our research is visionary, transformative and beneficial to those who we serve.

In addition to its discipline-focused and investigator-driven research, the University will pursue three Grand Challenges, offering researchers the opportunity to contribute some of the most difficult problems facing our world in the next century in interdisciplinary teams.

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Ensuring excellence and impact to 2025