Austrlian Information Server

The Australian Information Server in History and the Humanities

Welcome to AISHH, a collaborative project that was maintained during the years 1996-2000 by the Department of History & Politics at James Cook University of North Queensland, and the Department of History at the University of Melbourne.

AISHH was a joint initiative by Alan Mayne and Paul Turnbull.

The project was funded from a 1996 National Priority (Reserve) Fund allocation for Improved Library Infrastructure, which was administered by the AVCC Standing Committee on Information Resources.

Although the AISHH project has now ended, the following AISHH initiatives continue to be maintained:

Australian & New Zealand History

The following resources are available:

Urban History

The following resources are available:

These resources have been consolidated and are currently maintained by H-Urban.

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Maintainer: Dr Alan Mayne, Associate Professor in History, the University of Melbourne