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Contents for Issue 8, June 2011

Cover and contents

Ian Woodrow - Introduction

Gillian Brown - Mosses, liverworts and hornworts: Significant bryophyte collections at the University of Melbourne Herbarium

Peter Lyssiotis and Humphrey McQueen - Men of flowers

Richard Aitken - Nature and the landscape garden, drawn from the collection of Robert Cecil Bald

Helen Arnoldi - International Student Exchange

Dorothea Rowse - Captain Walter Synnot and his book of Cape plants and flowers

Joanna Bosse - Trademarks: International indigenous culture from the Leonhard Adam Collection

Anna Frey Taylor - Chalice: A sculpture with history

Peter M. Attiwill - The Ernst Matthaei Memorial Collection of Early Glass

Andrew Jamieson and Hannah Gwyther - Casts and copies: Ancient and classical reproductions

News from the collections

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