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Community activities, resources and programs

As a public-spirited institution, Melbourne will ensure that its research, student learning and knowledge transfer programs help improve public policy and build a stronger and more tolerant community.

Universities have a responsibility to be a public good, with community expectations of a broader contribution to intellectual and economic life.

Knowledge transfer forms the primary intellectual conduit between the University’s academia and over 1200 non-university partners.

Potentially, knowledge transfer covers a wide spectrum of dealings between the University and other spheres such as:

As one of the world’s finest universities, Melbourne will remain grounded in one place, but with many points of entry to a world of ideas, expertise and possibilities

Whether we address a local community issue or a global problem, excellence and highest quality should mark our contribution. In addition, we recognise our need for the knowledge from the broader community to inform and build our own research, teaching, and education capabilities, to ensure we are one of the finest universities in the world and a valued contributor to society.

[This is an edited extract from Growing Esteem, the University's 10-year development strategy.]