This is our Melbourne

A video story with the title 'This is our Melbourne' commences.

A sunny morning breaks over the Yarra River in the centre of Melbourne.

A University of Melbourne student carries oars and a boat to the river's edge.

He starts rowing.

A colorfully dressed student rides her bike alongside the river.

As they pass, they recognize eachother and pause to say hello.

The cyclist continues on her way, looking at the trees and riding through laneways.

Laneway graffiti says 'Good to see you too babe'.

The cyclist arrives at campus and recognizes a friend.

A female student walks through sandstone buildings and is reflected in water.

She arrives at her lecture and sits with a classmate.

Another student buys two coffees at an outdoor cafe and delivers one to her friend.

Origami birds are on the table.

Having completed her lecture, the student shown earlier walks with her classmate.

They chat and he leaves to go and study with another student in the library.

The University clocktower shows the time through the trees.

The girls who were having coffee are now sitting and studying outside.

A student in an academic gown runs through a sandstone hallway.

He enters a hall where there is stained glass windows and other students seated.

The student runs back through the hallway.

It is night and colored lights flash below Chinese characters outside a building.

The student who was riding her bike is dressed in jacket and boots and is chatting with friends.

Her rower friend arrives and joins the group.

He looks up at the colored lights.

The words 'Create your own Melbourne' are displayed, followed by The University of Melbourne logo.

The motto 'Make your studies worth living' is displayed.

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