University Secretary's Department Lists of Members


Glyn Davis, AC BA NSW PhD ANU. Appointed January 2005.
Margaret Sheil, BSc PhD UNSW FRACI FTSE. Appointed April 2012.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic):
Professor Philippa Eleanor Pattison, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. FASSA. Appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) 28 September 2009. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 3 May 2011
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research):
Professor James McCluskey, BMedSc MB BS W.Aust MD W.Aust. FRACP FRCPA. Previously appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Partnerships) 28 September 2009. Appointed 7 March 2011.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement):
Professor Susan Leigh Elliott, MB BS Melb. MD Melb. FRACP. Appointed Acting Provost 15 July 2009. Appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) 28 September 2009.

Faculty of Architecture, Building And Planning

Architecture, Building and Planning
Bharat Dave, DArch MSc DrScTech Zurich
Philip James Goad, BArch Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted 1 September 2001.
Thomas Kvan, MA Camb MArch Calif PhD Open(UK) AHKIA AAIA Appointed 8 January 2007.
Alan Pert,
Christopher Ryan, BSc Melb PhD Melb
Robert Stimson, BA LittB PhD
Paul Walker, BArch Auckland PhD Auckland
Architecture and Urban Design
Kimberly George Dovey, AArch WAIT MArch Melb. PhD Berkeley. Appointed 1 July 2002.
Julie Willis, BPD Melb. BArch Melb PhD Melb. Promoted 2012.
Raymond Green. BSc UConn MLA Arizona PhD QLD. Promoted 2012.
Chair of Architectural Design
Donald Bates, BArch Houston M.Arch Cranbrook Academy of Art. Appointed 2012.
Asian Architecture and Planning
Qinghua Guo, PhD
Cultural Heritage
Kate Darian-Smith, BA Melb. PhD Melb. DipEd Melb. FASSA
Environmental Planning
Nicholas Low, MSc Strath ARIBA MRTPI MRAPI Promoted July 2008.
Urban Planning
Richard Tomlinson, BA Rhodes MBA Wits MSc Rutgers PhD Rutgers, Appointed January 2009
Sun Sheng Han, MSc APD. Promoted July 2011.
Brendon Gleeson, BTRP Melb. MURP PhD Melb
Chair in Construction
Paolo Tombesi, PhD Calif. Appointed June 2009
Elisabeth Murdoch Chair of Landscape Architecture
Virginia Lee, DipID RMIT MLArch Melb PhD RMIT. Appointed 2011.

Faculty of Arts

Art History:
Charles Green, BA Melb. MA Melb. Phd Melb.
Art History and Screen Studies:
Jeanette Hoorn, MA California PhD Melb. Appointed January 2007.
Asia Institute:
Shahram Akbarzadeh, BA PhD LaTrobe
Pookong Kee, BA Adel. PhD ANU. Appointed October 2011
Anne McClaren, BA ANU PhD ANU DipEd Melb. Promoted 2012
Australian Centre
Kate Darian-Smith, BA Melb. PhD Melb. DipEd Melb. FASSA Promoted January 2005.
Antonio Sagona, BA Melb. PhD Melb. DipEd Melb. AM FSA FAHA. Promoted July 2006.
Contemporary Asia:
Michael Leigh, BA Melb. PhD Cornell Appointed January 2008.
Alison Young, LLB Edin. MPhil Camb. PhD Camb. Promoted July 2005.
Fiona Haines. BA Melb PhD Melb. Promoted 2012.
Cultural Studies and Media & Communications:
Nikos Papastergiadis,BA Melb PhD California. Appointed January 2007.
Kevin Brophy, BA Melb Dip Ed Melb Grad Dip (Psych) Phil Inst MA Melb PhD Melb. Appointed 1 January 2010
Rachel Fensham, BA Melb MA Melb GradDip Melb. PhD Monash. Appointed 2012.
Discipline Chair:
Robyn Eckersley, BA PhD Appointed January 2002.
Peter John Otto, BA PhD Adel. Appointed 1 July 2004.
John Frow, BA ANU MA Cornell PhD Cornell. Appointed January 2005.
Kenneth Gelder, MA Flin. PhD Stir. Promoted July 2005.
Stephanie Joy Trigg, BA Melb. BLitt Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted July 2005.
Fine Arts (Herald Professor)
Jaynie Anderson, BA PhD BrynMawr FAHA. Appointed December 1997.
Antonia Finnane, BA Syd PhD ANU
Joy Damousi, BA LaTrobe PhD ANU. Appointed 1 July 2004.
Trevor Burnard, BA Otago. Appointed 2011
International Relations:
Ralph Pettman, PhD. Appointed 22 February 2006.
Italian Studies:
John Hajek, BA Melb. PhD Oxf. Appointed February 2006.
Gillian WigglesworthS, PhD LaTrobe. Appointed February 2006.
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics:
Timothy Francis McNamara, BA Melb. MA Lond. PhD Melb. DipEd DipRSA. Promoted 1 July 2001.
Alfredo MartĂ­nez-ExpĂłsito FAHA, DiPL(Ital) BA (Spanish) DipEd PhD. Appointed February 2011.
Media & Communications:
Sean Cubitt, MA Cambridge PhD Liverpool. Appointed June 2006.
Philosophy (Boyce Gibson Chair):
Graham George Priest, BA Camb. MA Camb. MSc Lond.. PhD Lond. FAAH. Appointed January 2001.
Doris Schroeder, PhD Brimingham. Appointed 1 February 2007.
Gregory Restall. BSc QLD. PhD QLD.Promoted 2012
Political Science:
Leslie Templeman Holmes, MA PhD Essex BA Hull. Appointed July 1988.
Brian J Galligan, BCom BEcon Qld. MA PhD Tor. Appointed February 1995.
Sheila Jeffreys, MA PhD Monash Appointed July 1996.
Ann Capling, MA PhD Appointed January 1993.
Mark Considine, BA Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted 1 July 2001.
Simon Biggs, PhD Lond. Appointed September 2010.
John Murphy, BA Melb. MA Monash PhD Melb.Promoted 2012.
Public Policy
Helen Sullivan, BA Comb MA Brimingham PhD York.
Robert Wallace Chair of English:
Deirdre Coleman, BA Melb. DPhil Appointed December 2006.
Screen Studies:
Barbara Creed, MA PhD La Trobe BA Dip Ed Monash Appointed July 1995.
Social and Political Sciences
Adrian Little, BA PhD
Paul Smyyth, BA Murdoch PhD NSW
Social Anthropology
Andrew Dawson, BA Essex PhD Essex. Appointed 2010.
Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies:
Abdullah Saeed, BA Medina MA(AppLing) Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted 1 January 2003.

Faculty of Business and Economics

Actuarial Studies:
David Clyne Martin Dickson, BSc PhD HW FFA AIAA. Appointed March 2000.
Daniel Dufresne, PhD Appointed January 2003
Accounting (G L Wood Professor):
Nasser Spear, BEc Syria MS N.Texas PhD N.Texas. FCPA. Appointed April 2000.
Accounting and Business Information Systems
Colin Ferguson, BBus Swinburne MEc NE PhD Deakin GDipComp Deakin CA FCPA MACS. Appointed 19 January 2004.
Adacel Chair of Software Innovation and Engineering:
Leon Samuel Sterling, PhD ANU BSc. Melb. Appointed July 1995. Appointed to Adacel Chair 1 July 2002.
Chair of Accounting
Greg Clinch, BCom MCom Monash PhD Appointed 10 July 2008
Chair of Management Accounting
Anne Lillis, BCom MCom Melb. PhD Appointed November 1997
Director, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research:
Stephen Sedgwick, Appointed 1 August 2007.
Guyonne Kalb, MA NL. PhD Monash Promoted 2012.
Nilss Olekalns. BA MA PhD Appointed January 1997.
Peter Bardsley, BSc ANU PhD Durh. Appointed August 1997.
Jeffrey Ian Borland, MA Melb. MPhil PhD Yale. Promoted 1 July 2001.
Robert Dixon, BCom PhD
John William Freebairn, MAgrEc NE PhD Calif. FASSA. Appointed January 1996.
Ian King, BA MA PhD Appointed 1 January 2007
Harry Paarsch, BA MS PhD Appointed 21 May 2008
Michael Shields, Promoted June 200
Phillip McCalman, BCom MCom PhD Wisconsin. Appointed 2011.
Jenny Williams, PhD Rice. Promoted 2011.
Chris Edmond, PhD UCLA. Prmoted 2012
Economics (Truby Williams Professor):
John Creedy, BSc Brist. BPhil Oxf. FASSA. Appointed December 1987.
William Edward Griffiths, BAgrEc NewEngland PhD Ill. FASSA. Appointed 7 May 2001.
Vance Lindsay Martin, BEc Monash BSc Monash MEc Monash PhD Monash. Appointed October 2000.
Economics and Commerce
Gregory John Whitwell, BEc Monash PhD Melb. March 2007
Kevin Thomas Davis, BEc Flin. MEc ANU. Appointed January 1987.
Paul Kofman, MEc PhD Erasmus. Appointed 19 November 2001.
Bruce Grundy, BCom Qld PhD Chic. Appointed July 2005. Appointed Ian Potter Professor January 2000. Previously appointed Professor of Finance July 1998.
Fitzgerald Professor of Accounting
John Lyon, BCom Qld. MFM Qld. PhD OhioSU. Appointed July 2005.
Management (Human Resources Mnagement)
Christina Cregan, BA MSc PhD, Promoted September 2010.
Howard Dick, BEc Monash MEc Monash PhD ANU Appointed February 1995
William Harley, BA Qld. PhD Qld. Appointed January 1998
Daniel Alexander Samson, BEChem NSW PhD NSW. Appointed January 1998. Previously appointed to Chair of Manufacturing Management April 1988, renamed Leslie Froggatt Chair of Manufacturing Management January 1991.
Cynthia Hardy, BSc PhD Warw. Appointed June 1998.
Bryan Lukas, MBA PhD Appointed June 1999
Anne-Wil Harzing, BA MA PhD Appointed May 2001
David Tolmie Merrett, MEc Monash. Appointed 1 July 2004.
Graham Sewell, BSc PhD Wales. Promoted 1 July 2006
Simon Bell, BCom Mel.b Appointed 14 July 2008
Leisa Sargent, BA QLD. MPsych QLD. PhD Toronto. Promoted 2012.
Operations Management
Damien Power, BBus MBus PhD Monash. Promoted 2012.
Ronald Henderson Professor
Deborah Ann Cobb-Clark, BA Michigan MA Michigan PhD Michigan. Appointed 2010
Sir Douglas Copland Chair of Commerce
Margaret Ann Abernethy, BEc PhD LaTrobe. Appointed April 2012. Previously appointed Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics.

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Chair of Arts Education
John O'Toole, BA Camb. MA Camb. MEd PhD Qld. Appointed 15 January 2005.
Chair of Education (Assessment)
Patrick Griffin, BSc Melb. MEd Melb. PhD Florida Appointed January 2006.
Chair in Teacher Education
Stephen Dinham, DipEd BA MEd PhD. Appointed 2010.
Lyn Yates, BA Melb. MA Melb. MEd Bristol PhD LaTrobe. Appointed 1 January 2005.
Director LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management
Vincent Lynn Meek, Appointed 3 March 2008.
Director MERI
John Hattie, DipEd BEd MEd PhD. Appointed November 2010.
Director, Problem Gambling Research Centre
Alun Jackson, BA Melb DipSocSci MSc PhD
Early Childhood Education & Care:
Collette Patria Tayler, BEd DipT PhD Face. Appointed 27 November 2007..
Education (Hearing Impaired):
Field Winston Rickards, BSc MEd Manc. PhD Melb. Appointed January 1994.
Education Policy and Management
Johanna Gerhardina Wyn, BA Well. MA NE PhD Monash. Promoted 1 July 2002.
Higher Education
Richard Henry James, BSc Melb. MEd Melb. DEd Melb. GDipDairyTech VCAH DipEd Melb.SC. Appointed 2006.
Simon Marginson, PhD Melb. Appointed 2006
Language and Literacy Education
Joseph Lo Bianco, AM BA Monash BEd LaTrobe MA Melb. GDip Monash FACE FAHA FAICD FAHAComm. Appointed 1 January 2004.
Language Discipline
Alison Lewis, BA MA Adel Phd Erlangen-NĂĽrnberg
Post-Compulsory Education and Training
Richard Vaughan Teese, BA Monash PhD Monash. Appointed 1 August 2002.
Stephen Lamb, BEd Tas MEd Melb PhD Melb
Science and Mathematics Education
David John Clarke, BSc Melb. MSc Melb. PhD Monash DipEd Melb. Appointed 1 July 2004.

Melbourne School of Engineering

Bio Signals and Bio-Systems:
Anthony Burkitt, BSc PhD Appointed September 2007.
Chair of Hydrology
Stanley Grant, Appointed 2011.
Chemical Engineering:
Geoffrey Wayne Stevens, BE (Chemical)PhD FTSE FIChemE FAusIMM(CP) CEng. Promoted January 1999.
David Vernon Boger, BSc Bucknell MSc PhD Ill. MIChemE. Appointed June 1982. Appointed Laureate Professor 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2004. Re-appointed Laureate Professor 13 September 2011 to 12 September 2016
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
David Dunstan, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed July 1993
Francesco Caruso, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed Professor and Federation Fellow 28 October 2002.
Peter Joseph Scales, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed 1 July 2004
Civil Engineering:
Graham Leighton Hutchinson, MESc DPhil Oxf. DipCE IAE MICE MIEAust. Appointed September 1990.
Priyan Mendis, BEng PhD FIE(Aust) Promoted March 2008
Computational Bioinfomatics:
Justin Zobel, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed 1 April 2007.
Computing and Information Systems:
Christopher Leckie, BSc Monash BE Monash PhD Monash. Promoted 2012.
Computer Science:
Ramamohanarao Kotagiri, ME llSc PhD Monash. Appointed November 1989.
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Alistair Michael Moffat, BSc Cant. PhD Cant. Promoted 1 July 2002.
Peter James Stuckey, BSc Monash PhD Monash. Promoted 1 July 2003.
Rajkumar Buyya, Be ME Bang PhD Monash. Appointed 1 January 2010
Electrical Engineering:
Rodney Stuart Tucker, OAM BE PhD Melb. FIEEE. Appointed January 1990. Appointed Laureate Professor 1 August 2002 until 31 July 2007.
Robin John Evans, ME PhD Newcastle(NSW) BE Melb. FTS MIEEE FIEAust. Appointed January 1992.
Iven Michiel Yvonne Mareels, PhD ANU FIEAust CPEng SMIEEE. Appointed July 1996
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Vikram Krishnamurthy, BE Auck. PhD ANU MIEEE MSIAM. Promoted 1 May 2000.
Doreen Thomas, BSc MSc DPhil Oxf. Promoted July 2006
Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas, BE PhD Melb. Appointed July 2007
Jamie Evans, BSc BE MSc PhD Melb. Promoted 1 January 2010.
Darryl Veitch, BSc Monash PhD
Christina Lim, BEng Melb PhD Melb Promoted 2012.
Subhrakanti Dey, BT Khar, MT Khar PhD Can
Future Generation Professor: Southampton
Jonathan Manton, BE Melb. BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed 28 May 2008.
Clive Simpson Fraser, BAppSc WAIT MSurvSc NSW PhD Wash. MISAust. Promoted January 1999.
Ian David Bishop, MSc Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted 1 July 2003.
Stephan Winter, Dip-Ing Bonn Dr-Ing Bonn Habil Vienna. Promoted 2012.
Golder Associates Chair of Geotechnical Engineering
Ian Johnston, BSc (Eng) Southampton PhD Southampton
Kernot Professor of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Saman Halgamuge, MSc PhD Appointed July 1997
Ivan Marusic, BE Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed 21 December 2006
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
Marcus Pandy, PhD Ohio State. Appointed September 2004.
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Min Seong Chong, BE(Mech) Melb. MEngSc Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted 1 July 2003.
Mineral and Process Engineering:
Jan Stephanus Jakob van Deventer, BEng Stell. BCom SAf. DCom SAf. PhD Stell. Appointed October 1995
Ian Philip Williamson, AM MSurvSc NSW PhD NSW FISAust LS. Appointed to Chair of Surveying July 1986. Title changed to Professor of Surveying and Land Information May 1987.

Melbourne School of Land and Environment

John Lindsay Falvey, MAgrSc LaTrobe. PhD Qld FAIAS. Appointed March 1995.
Agriculture and Food Science:
Frank Dunshea, BAgrScLaTrobe.PhDLaTrobe. Appointed December 2006.
Chair in Natural Resource Management:
Nigel Stork, PhD Appointed 12 December 2006.
Foundation Chair of Crop Science:
Roger Cousens, BSc PhD
Food Science:
Margaret Lorraine Britz, BSc PhD Melb. Appointed June 1998.
Food Production and Horticulture:
Edward W R Barlow. BRS NewEngland MRS NewEngland PhD Oregon. Appointed February 1999.
Forest and Ecosystem Science
Rodney Keenan, BSc ANU PhD Appointed 1 January 2005.
Forest Industries:
Peter Vinden, BSc Wales MSc(Eng) DIC PhD Lond. Appointed July 1997
Ruth Fincher, BA Melb. MA PhD Clark Appointed January 2008.
Geography and Environmental Studies:
Neal John Enright,
Reource Management & Geography:
BA W.Aust. PhD ANU. Promoted 1 July 2000.
Deli Chen, BSc MSc PhD Melb. Appointed 1January 2010.
Jonathon Barnett, BPD Melb. MA(Geog) Melb. PhD ANU
Barbara Downes, BSc Adel. MSc PhD.
Mark Wang, BSc MSc PhD. Promoted 2012.
Pasture Science:
David Francis Chapman, BAgrSc Lincoln PhD Reading. Appointed April 1996.
Professor - Director Animal Welfare Science Centre
Paul Hemsworth, BAgrSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed September 2005.
Richard Roush, Appointed 12 August 2006.
Prem Bhalla, BSc MSc PhD Punj

Melbourne Law School

Commercial Law (Harold Ford Professor):
Ian Malcolm Ramsay, BA LLB Macq. LLM Harv. Appointed July 1994.
Loane Skene, LLB Melb. LLM Monash Barrister and Solicitor Victoria. Promoted 1 July 2000.
Andrew Frederick Christie, BSc LLB Melb. LLM Lond. PhD Camb. Barrister and Solicitor Victoria and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Appointed 1 September 2002.
Lee Godden, BA Melb. MA Melb. PhD Griff. Appointed to Chair of Law February 2002.
Jennifer Jane Morgan, BA Syd. LLB NSW LLM Yale Barrister and Solicitor Victoria. Appointed 18 August 2003.
Camille Cameron, BA SMU LLB NewBr. LLM Camb. Promoted January 2005.
Belinda Fehlberg, BA LLB Melb. DPhil Oxf. Barrister and Solicitor High Court of Australia. Promoted January 2005.
Anne Margaret Orford, BA LLB Qld. LLM Lond. PhD Adel. Solicitor Queensland. Promoted January 2005.
Richard Lyndon Garnett, BA LLB NSW LLM Harv. Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Appointed to Chair of Law March 2006.
David Studdert, LLB Melb. ScD MPH Harv. Appointed Professor and Federation Fellow May 2006
Andrew Robertson, LLB QIT LLM QUT PhD ANU Solicitor Queensland and England & Wales. Appointed to Chair of Law March 2006.
Richard Lyndon Garnett, BA LLB NSW LLM Harv. Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Appointed to Chair of Law March 2006.
Andrew Kenyon, LLB Melb LLM Lond PhD Melb
Dianne Otto, BA Adel. LLB Melb. LLM Melb. PhD
Megan Richardson, BA LLB LLM
Staniforth Ricketson, BA Melb. LLD LLB Melb. LLM Lond. Appointed 2000
Andrew Robertson, LLB QIT LLM QUT PhD ANU Solicitor Queensland and England & Wales. Appointed to Chair of Law March 2006.
Stuart Kaye, BA Syd. LLB Syd. LLM Syd. PhD Appointed to Chair of Law January 2007.
Carolyn Evans, BA Melb. PhD Oxf. Promoted 1 January 2010.
Simon Evans, BSc Syd LLB Syd PhD Camb. Promoted 1 January 2010.
Graeme Austin, LLN LLM JSD. Appointed July 2011.
Caron Beaton-Wells, LLB Melb. LLM Melb. PhD Melb. Barrister and Solicitor of Supreme Court of Victoria. Promoted 2012.
Sean Cooney, LLM Melb. LLM Columbia JSD Columbia. Promoted 2012.
Jacqueline Peel, PhD Melb. Promoted 2012.
Helen Rhoades, LLB Melb. LLM Melb. Promoted 2012.
Tania Voon, BSc Melb LLB Melb GradDip Intl L Melb LLM Harvard PhD Camb.
Law (Zelman Cowan Professor):
Brian Michael Lake Crommelin, BA LLB Qld. LLM PhD Br.Col., Barrister and Solicitor. Appointed January 1985.
International Humanitarian Law (Australian Red Cross Professor):
Timothy Lloyd Hearnden McCormack, LLB Tas. PhD Monash. Appointed July 1996.
William Hearn Chair of Law
James Hathaway, Appointed 1 January 2007
Personal Chair in the Faculty of Law:
Cheryl Anne Saunders, AO BA LLB PhD Melb. Appointed August 1989.

Melbourne Students and Learning

Strategic Advisor on Learning Environments:
Peter Jamieson. Promoted 2012

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences

Adult Acute Care:
Elizabeth Manias, PhD LaTrobe Appointed November 1998
Adult Clinical Genetics
Ingrid Winship, MBChB MD CapeTown Appointed November 2006.
Alfred Felton Chair of Child and Family Welfare:
Cathy Humphreys, BA PhD Syd. Appointed May 2006.
Anatomy and Neuroscience
John Barton Furness, MSc PhD Melb. FAA. Appointed January, 1993. Previously appointed Professor of Physiology October 1990.
Antony Wilfred Goodwin, BSc S.Af. MSc Cal.Tech. PhD Cal.Tech. Promoted 1 July 2001.
Heather Young, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted 20012.
Janet Keast, BSc Adel. PhD Flinders. Appointed February 2012.
Audiology & Speech Science
Richard Dowell, BSc Melb. MSc Melb. PhD Melb.
Auditory Communication and Signal Processing
Hugh McDermott, BAppSc PhD Appointed 2006
Behavioural Science
Jason Mattingley, BSc MSc PhD. Promoted July 2005.
Nocholas Haslam, BA MA PhD Promoted July 2006
Leon Mann, MA Melb PhD Yale FASSA FAPS
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Paul Gleeson, BSc PhD Melb. Appointed 1 July 2004.
Andrew Hill, BSc Wellington PhD DIC. Promoted 2012.
Centre for Adolescent Health
Susan Margaret Sawyer, MB BS MD FRACP. Promoted January 2005.
Chair of Anaesthesia
David Story , B MedSc Monash MBBS Monash MD Melb. FANZCAAppointed December 2012.
Chair of Cancer Medicine
James Bishop, AO MBBS Melb MS Melb. Appointed March 2011.
Chair, Health Promotion & Director, Mccaughey Centre
John Wiseman, PhD LaTrobe Appointed May 2006
Chair of Indigenous Health
Ian Philip Anderson, MB BS Melb. Appointed 3 March 2004.
Chair of Neuropsychiatry
Christos Pantelis, MB BS Melb MD Melb MRCPsych Lond. FRANZCP Appointed April 2004
Chair of Social Research in Alcohol (CHS)
Robin Room, Appointed March 2006.
Chair of Social Work
Marie Connolly, BA MA PhD MNZASW. Appointed 2010.
Chair in Youth Mental Health
Patrick McGorry, MB BS MD PhD FRANZCP
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Albert Frauman, MBBS MD Melb. Appointed January 2007.
Co-ordinator of Australian Indigenous Studies:
Marcia Lynne Langton, BA ANU. PhD Appointed February 2000.
Dental Science
Eric Charles Reynolds, AO BSc PhD Melb. Appointed October 1994.
Michael Geoffrey Woods, DDSc Melb. DOrthRcs Eng CertOrth Oklahoma
Martin John Tyas, BDS PhD Birm. DDSc Melb. GDipHSc WAIT AFCHSE CHE FADM FICD FRACDS FPFA. Promoted 1 July 2002.
Michael Morgan, BDS Otago MDSc Melb. PhD Melb. GDipEpid Melb. Appointed June 2006.
Michael Burrow, BDS Adel. MDS Adel. MEd Melb. PhD FICD. Promoted June 2006
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Jeremy Neil Anderson, MB ChB Auck. MSc(Epi) Lond. MD Auck. FRANZCP. Appointed 1 July 2003.
Dallas English, BSc MS PhD Appointed 2006
Foundation Director - Nossal Institute
Graham Vallancey Brown, AM MB BS Melb. MPH Harv. Appointed July 2006. Previously appointed Chair of Medicine in August 1999.
Forensic Odontology:
John Gerald Clement, BDSc RCS PhD Lond. Appointed October 1999.
General Practice:
Doris Young, MB BS Melb. FRACGP. Appointed December 1997.
Global Health:
Rob Moodie, MBBS Appointed March 2007
General Practice
Jane Maree Gunn, MB BS Melb. PhD Melb. DRANZCOG FRACGP. Appointed April 2006.
Harold Mitchell Chair of Indigenous Eye Health:
Hugh Ringland Taylor, BMedSc MD BS Melb. DO FRACS FRACO FACS FAAO. Appointed July 1990.
Hugh Devine Chair of Surgery
Peter Choong, MB BS Melb MD Melb. FRACS. Appointed 2009
International Health Workforce
Lesleyane Hawthorne, BA MA PhD DipEd GradDipMigrantStud
James Donovan Best, MD BS Melb FRACP FRCPath. Previously Appointed July 1999.
Gary Egan, PhD Appointed December 2005
Mark Cook, MB BS Melb MD Melb. Appointed 2010.
Medicine (Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre and Northern Hospital)
Jeffrey David Zajac, MB BS Melb. PhD Melb. FRACP. Appointed October 2000.
Ego Seeman, MD BS FRACP. Appointed 1 July 2003.
Louise Burrell, MB ChB Dund. MD Dund. FRACP. Promoted July 2005.
Medicine (Geelong Hospital):
Geoffrey Charles Nicholson, MB BS W. Aust. PhD Melb. MRCP FRACP. Appointed January 1991.
Medicine (James Stewart Professor) (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Western Hospital):
Terence O'Brien, MBBS Melb. MD Melb. Appointed June 2002
Medicine (Northern Health)
Judith Anne Savige, MB BS MSc Brunel PhD Lond. FRCP FRACP FRCPA. Appointed 6 October 2003.
Medicine (Royal Melbourne and Western Hospitals)
John Dennis Wark, MB BS Melb. PhD Melb. FRACP. Promoted 1 July 2000.
Gary Anderson, BSc PhD Appointed January 2002.
Peter Ebeling, MBBS MD Melb. FRACP. Appointed to Chair of Medicine December 2005.
Beverley-Ann Biggs, BSc Melb MB MElb PhD Melb. FRACP FACTH Promoted 2012.
Medicine (Rural Clinical School)
William Robert Adam, BMedSc Melb. MB BS Melb. PhD Melb. FRACP. Appointed 1 September 2003.
Medicine (St Vincent's Hospital and Geelong Hospital):
Richard Ernest Gilbert, MB BS Flin. PhD Melb. FRACP. Appointed 1 July 2003.
Microbiology and Immunology:
Francis Carbone, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed December 1999.
Roy Michael Robins-Browne, MB BCh PhD DTMH Witw. FCPath(SA) FRCPath FRCPA FASM. Appointed January 2000.
Richard Anthony Strugnell, BSc Monash PhD Monash FASM. Appointed 15 October 2002.
Lorena Elizabeth Brown, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted July 2005.
Dale Godfrey, PhD Monash Appointed July 2007.
Andrew Brooks, BSc Monash PhD SA DipEd VCA. Promoted 2012.
Trevor John Kilpatrick, MB BS Melb. PhD Melb. FRACP. Appointed 1 October 2003.
Sanchia Aranda, PhD LaTrobe Appointed March 1997.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Michael Anthony Quinn, MB ChB Glas. MGO Melb. MRCP FRCOG FRANZCOG CGO. Promoted July 2005.
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Dunbar Hooper Professor)
Shaun Patrick Brennecke, BA Adel. BMedSc Adel. MB BS Adel. DPhil Oxf. FRCAOG. Appointed August 1999.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Mercy Hospital for Women):
John Michael Holroyd Permezel, MD BS Melb. MRCP MRCOG FRACOG. Appointed July 1997.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Royal Women's Hospital and Mercy Hospital)
Lex William Doyle, MB BS Melb. MSc McM. MD Melb. FRACP. Appointed 1 July 2003.
Martha Hickey, MB BS MD.
Old Age Psychiatry
Nicola Lautenschlager, MD Appointed December 2007
Ophthalmology & Head of Glaucoma Unit
Jonathon Crowston, BSc MBBS PhD FRCOPHTH Appointed July 2006
Robyn Guymer, BSc MBBS PhD FRCOPHTH Appointed February 1997
Jill Keeffe, BA PhD Melb.
Tien Wong, MBBS MS PhD Appointed July 2003
Orthopaedic Surgery (Royal Children's Hospital):
Herbert Kerr Graham, MD BCh BAO Belf. Appointed September 1994.
Glenn Bowes, MB BS PhD FRACP. Appointed 14 October 2002.
Michael South, MB BS UK MD DCH UK MRCP FRACP. Appointed 1 July 2004.
Ingrid Eileen Scheffer, MB BS PhD FRACP MB BS PhD FRACP. Appointed July 2005.
Trevor Duke, MBBS Melb. PhD Melb. FRACP. Appointed 1 January 2010
Paediatric Infectious Diseases:
Richard Curtis, BA Camb MBBS Melb MA Melb PhD Lond Appointed December 2007
Geoffrey McColl, BMedSc BSc Melb PhD FRACP Appointed February 2008
Paediatric Speech Pathology
Sheena Reilly, PhD Lond. Appointed July 2007
Paediatric Surgery:
John Hutson, MB BS Monash MD Monash MS Melb. Appointed February 2004
Roberto Cappai, BSc Monash PhD Melb
Paul Waring, MB BS PhD Melb. FRCPA FCPATH. Appointed 2010.
Ivan B Darby, BDS Glas. PhD Glas. DipGenDentPrac RCSEng FRACDS FADI. Promoted 2012.
Personal Chair in Department of Medicine (Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre)
Samuel Frank Berkovic, AM MD BS BMedSc Melb. FRACP. Appointed April, 1998.
James Alexander Angus, BSc Syd. PhD Syd. Appointed January 1993.
Gary Anderson, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed January 1997.
Alastair Stewart,
Peter McIntyre. PhD. Appointed August 2005.
Stephen Brian Harrap, MB BS PhD Melb. FRACP. Appointed February 1995.
Peter Jeffrey Harris, BSc PhD S'ton. Promoted October 1999.
David Alan Williams, BSc LaTrobe PhD LaTrobe. Promoted 1 July 2002.
Mark Hargreaves, BSc Melb. MA BallSU PhD Melb. Appointed January 2005.
Joel Charles Bornstein, BSc Monash PhD Monash. Promoted July 2005.
Gordon Stuart Lynch, BSc LaTrobe PhD Melb. Promoted June 2008.
Yoshihisa Kashima, BLL BA MA PhD
Lea Delbridge, BSc Monash GDipEdu Melb PhD Melb.
Andrew Allen, BSc MSc PhD. Promoted 2012.
Mary Wlodek, BSC MSc PhD. Promoted 2012.
Mary Galea, BAppSc(Physio) BA PhD GDipPhysio(Neuro) GDipNeuroSc Lincoln. Appointed June 2001.
Meg Morris, BAppSc(Physio) Lincoln MAppSc LaTrobe PhD LaTrobe GDipGeront LaTrobe FACP. Appointed August 2005.
Kim Bennell, BAppSc(Physio) Lincoln PhD LaTrobe
Population Health
Terence Michael Nolan, BMedSc W.Aust. MB BS W.Aust PhD McG. FRACP FAFPHM. Appointed February 2001. Previously promoted to Professor of Paediatrics January 1999.
David Studdert, LLB Melb. ScD MPH Harv. Appointed Professor and Federation Fellow May 2006
Anne Kavanagh, BMBS PhD FAFPHM
David Robert Dunt, MB BS Melb. PhD MonashLAUTENSCHLAGER
Elizabeth Waters, DPhil Oxf. Appointed January 2009
Jane Pirkis. Appointed January 2010
Shyamali Dharmage, MSC Colombo MBBS Colombo MD Colombo PhD Monash. Promoted 2012.
Marilys Guillemin, BAppSc RMIT DIpEd Melb. MEd Melb. PhD Melb. Promoted 2012.
Population Health - McCaughey Centre
Billie Giles-Corti, GDipHlthSc WA MAppSc Curin PhD WA. Appointed 2012.
John Arthur Trinder, BPsych W.Aust. MA PhD Cinc. Appointed March 1993.
Henry Jackson, BA Auck. MA Auck MA(ClinPsych) Melb. PhD Monash. FAPS. Appointed October 2000.
Nicholas Allen, BSc MSc PhD MAPS. Appointed January 2010.
Mark Creamer, BA Portsmouth MA Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed 1 July 1998.
Michael Berk, MB BCh MMEd Wits. PhD Pretoria. Appointed February 2001.
David Ames, BA MB BS MRCPsych FRANZCP FRCPsych. Appointed August 2005.
Helen Herrman, MD Melb. MBBS BMedSc FRANZCP FFPH(UK) FAFPHM. Appointed January 2008.
Dennis Velakoulis, MBBS Melb. DipCrim Melb.FRANZCP. Promoted 2012.
Psychiatry (Austin Health)
Richard Kanaan. Appointed January 2013.
Psychiatry (Cato Professor)
Ian Paul Everall, BSc MB ChB Leicester, PhD London FRCPath FRCPsych FRANZCP. Appointed January 2010.
Psychiatry (Healthscope Professor)
Isaac Schweitzer, MB BS Melb. DPM Melb. MD Melb. RANZCP. Appointed September 2000.
Psychiatry (St Vincent’s Health)
David J Castle, MBChB CapeTown MSc Lond. MD CapeTown DLSHTM Lond. MRCPsych FRANZCP. Appointed to Chair of Psychiatry January 2006.
Public Health
Janet Susan McCalman, BA Melb. PhD ANU FAHA. Promoted 1 July 2003.
Quantitative and Mathematical Psychology:
Philip Smith, BA Adel. PhD Adel.
Edgar Rouse Chair in Radiology
Patricia Desmond, BSc MSc MBBS Melb. Appointed July 2007
Robert Norman Gibson, MB BS MD Melb. DDR DDU FRANZCR. Appointed 1 July 2003.
Reproductive Medicine
Hugh William Gordon Baker, MB BS MD PhD Monash FRACP. Appointed 1 July 2004.
Rural Medical Education
Dawn Dewitt Talbot, MSc Camb. MD Harv. FACP. Appointed 1 May 2003.
Sexual Health
Christopher Kincaid Fairley, MB BS Melb. PhD Monash. FRACP FAFPHM. Appointed January 2001.
Sir Edward Dunlop Chair of Medicine
Joseph Proietto, MB BS Melb. PhD Melb. FRACP. Appointed 1 November 2003.
Social and Environmental Enquiry
Ghassan Hage, BA Macq. PhD Macq. Appointed January 2008.
Stevenson Chair of Paediatrics
Paul Monagle, MBBS Monash MSc MDMonashAppointed July 2008.
Surgery (Austin and Northern Health)
Christopher Christophi, MB BS Monash MD Monash FRACS. Appointed 1 November 2002.
Graham Baldwin, BSc Melb.PhD Melb.Dsc Melb. Appointed 1 January 2010
Surgery (Geelong Hospital)
David Allan Kilpatrick Watters, BSc MB ChB ChM Edin. FRCSEd FRACS. Appointed February 2000.
Surgery (James Stewart Professor) (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Western Hospital)
Andrew Henry Kaye, MD BS Melb. FRACS. Appointed January 1997.
Surgery (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Western Hospital)
Steven Tuck Foo Chan, MB BS Monash FRACS FRCS PhD Lond. Appointed 8 May 2002.
Victor and Loti Smorgon Professor of Paediatrics
Julie Bines, MBBS MD FRACP Appointed November 2006
Victor Smorgon Chair of Surgery
Richard de Steiger, MBBS Monash DipBiomech FRACS. Appointed 2010.
William Gibson Chair of Otolaryngology:
Stephen O'Leary, BMedSc Melb BSc MBBS Melb PhD Melb Appointed February 2008.

Faculty of Science

Personal Chair in Department of Botany:
Pauline Yvonne Ladiges, MSc PhD DipEd. Melb. Appointed June 1992.
Antony Bacic, BSc JamesCook PhD LaTrobe Appointed July 1996.
Adrienne Clarke Chair of Botany
Mark Burgman, BSc NSW MSc Macq. PhD SUNY. First appointed on1 July 2002. Then Appointed to this Chair in February 2008.
Alan John Martin Baker, BSc Lond. ARCS PhD Lond. DIC FIBiol FLS. Appointed October 2000.
Barbara Howlett, BSc Melb MSc ANU PhD Melb
Geoffrey McFadden
Chemistry (Masson Professor):
Kenneth Philip Ghiggino, BSc PhD NSW FRACI, Appointed December 1998.
Franz Grieser, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. DPhil Uppsala FRACI FAA. Promoted 1 July 2000.
Andrew Holmes, AM ScD Cantab. FRS FAA FTSE, Appointed October 2004.
Paul Mulvaney, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed Professor and Federation Fellow June 2005.
Richard O'Hair, BSc PhD DSc Adel. FRACI
Mark Antony Rizzacasa, BSc PhD W.Aust. MRACI
Carl Herbert Schiesser, BSc PhD ANU DSc Adel. FRACI
Frances Separovic, BA Macq. PhD NSW MRACI
Anthony Gordon Wedd, BSc PhD DSc Tas. FRACI
Robert Lamb, BSc PhD Melb. PhD Camb, Appointed April 2007.
Muthupandian Ashokkumar, BSc Madurai-K Msc Madurai-K PhD Madras
Earth Sciences
Andrew John Gleadow, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. FAA. Appointed February, 1999.
Christopher John Lascelles Wilson, BSc Syd. PhD ANU. Promoted 1 July 2001.
Ian Herbert Simmonds, BSc Monash PhD Flin. Promoted 1 July 2003.
David Karoly, BSc Monash PhD Reading
Janet Hergt, BSc LaTrobe PhD ANU. Appointed 1 January 2010.
Ary Hoffman, BSc Monash. PhD LaTrobe. Appointed Professor and Federation Fellow June 2004.
Philip Batterham, BSc LaTrobe PhD Monash
James Camakaris, BSc Melb. PhD Melb.
Christopher Cobbett, BSc Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed 1 January 2010.
Information Systems:
Elizabeth Alice Sonenberg, BSc Monash PhD Monash. Appointed January 2000.
Steve Howard, BSc MSc PhD. Promoted June 2009.
Inorganic Chemistry:
Anthony Gordon Wedd, BSc PhD Tas. Appointed January 1991.
Joachim Hyam Rubinstein, BSc Monash PhD Calif Appointed May 1982.
Peter Taylor, BSc Adel. PhD Adel. Promoted 1 January 2003.
Kostya Borovkov, Appointed May 1995.
John Sader
Arun Ram
Kerry Landman, BSc Melb PhD Melb
Omar Foda, BE PhD
Personal Chair in Department of Mathematics and Statistics:
Anthony John Guttmann, MSc Melb. PhD NSW Appointed August 1988.
Derek Yau Cheong Chan, BSc NSW PhD ANU Appointed September, 1995.
Mathematics and Statistics
Richard Huggins. BSc LaTrobe PhD LaTrobe Appointed July 2005.
Neville Anthony McBrien, BSc Aston PhD Cardiff MCOptom Lond. FAAO FBDO. Appointed September 1997.
Optometry and Vision Sciences
Trichur R Vidyasagar, MBBS Madras PhD Manc.Habil.Göttingen. Appointed Februaryy 2002.
Algis Jonas Vingrys, BScOptom PGCertOculThera PhD Melb. FAAO FVCO. Appointed July 2007.
Geoffrey Norman Taylor, MSc WAust PhD Hawaii MAIP. Promoted January 1999.
Steven Prawer, BSc PhD Monash DSc Melb. Promoted 1 July 2002.
Raymond Robert Volkas, BSc PhD Melb. Appointed 1 July 2003.
Rachel Lindsey Webster, BSc Monash MSc Sus. PhD Cant. IAU ASA AAS. Appointed 1 July 2003.
David Norman Jamieson, BSc PhD Appointed June 2004.
Lloyd Hollenberg, BSc Phd Melb.
Leslie J Allen, BSc MSc Port Elizabeth PhD Sth Africa.Appointed 1 January 2010.
Luigia Barberio, PhD. Promoted 2012.
Graeme Dubrelle Campbell, BSc PhD Melb. Appointed September 1976.
David Lindsay Macmillan, BSc Monash PhD Oregon. Promoted January 1999.
Michael James Keough, BSc Adel. PhD Adel. Appointed 1 July 2004.
Mark Adrian Elgar, BSc Griff. PhD Camb. Promoted July 2005.
David K Gardner, BSc York(UK) PhD York(UK). Appointed July 2007
Zoology (Ian Potter Professor):
Marilyn B. Renfree, PhD DSc ANU FAA. Appointed May 1991. Appointed Laureate Professor 1 August 2002 to 31 July 2007.

Faculty of Veterinary Science

Chair of Cattle and Sheep Production Medicine
Andrew Fisher, BVSc Melb. PhD Melb.
Veterinary Science
Glenn Francis Browning, BVSc Melb. PhD Melb. DipVCS Syd. Appointed 1 July 2003.
Robin Beat Gasser, BVSc Bern DMedVet Zurich PhD DVSc Melb. Promoted July 2005.
Kenneth Hinchcliff, BVSc Melb. MSc PhD Appointed May 2007.
Marshall Lightowlers, BSc PhD
Eleanor Mackie, BVSc MSc PhD
Veterinary Clinical Science
Edward Whittem, Appointed 17 November 2008.

Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Catherine Arundel Falk, BA Monash PhD Monash. Promoted 1 January 2010
John Anthony Griffiths, Oficial de la Orden de Isabel la Catolica BA Monash PhD Monash. FAHA Appointed 12 September 1994.
Ian Holtham, BMus Durham BA Melb. PhD Melb DipEd FTCL ARCM LRAM LGSM. Promoted July 2008.
Barry Conyngham, DMus Melb. Appointed March 2011.
Ormond Chair of Music
Gary McPherson, MMus Indiana PhD Syd. Appointed 1 July 2009.
Victorian College of the Arts
Ian Lang, Appointed January 2007.

Melbourne Business School

Management (Diversity and Change)
Amanda Mary Ann Sinclair, BA PhD Melb. Appointed December 1995.
Management (Information Economics)
Joshua Samuel Gans, BEc Qld. PhD Stanf. Appointed October 2000.
Public Sector Management
John Lyle Alford, BA Monash MBA Melb. PhD Melb. Appointed March 2001.
ANZ Professor of Marketing Strategy
Richard Speed, BA Oxf. PhD Lough. Promoted June 2001.
Management (Development)
Paul Dainty, BA MSc Lond. MBA PhD CranIT. Appointed November 2003.
Chair of Management (Marketing)
Lester Johnson, BA NewHamp. MA PhD Conn. Appointed April 2004.
Coles Myer Professor of Marketing and Retailing
Peter Danaher, BSc Purdue MS Purdue PhD Florida State. Appointed 2007.
Chair of Management (Marketing)
Jill Klein, PhD Mich.
Chair of Business Statistics
Chris Lloyd, BSc PhD Melb.
Chair of Management (Negotiations)
Mara Olekalns, BA PhD Adel
Chair of Management (Organisational Behaviour)
Karen A Jehn, BS MS PhD
Chair of Management (Accounting)
Jim Frederickson, PhD BBA
Chair of Negotiations Management
John Onto, BCom Melb MBA PhD Ariz
Chair of Management (Econometrics)
Michael Smith, Appointed 2007.
John Gough Chair in the Practice of International Trade
Gary Sampson, BCom Melb PhD Monash
Management (Organisational Behaviour)
Robert Wood, BBus Curtin PhD Wash FIAAP FANZAM FASSA FAPA. Appointed April 2009.
Human Resource Management
Ian Williamson, Ba Miami PhD NCarolina. Appointed June 2009.
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